Pastor Feed My Sheep

Pastor feed my sheep word

Another name for a Pastor is a Shepherd. The work of the Pastor? The pastor is called to feed the sheep and to evangelize the goats! Primary he is to teach the sheep, but also to evangelist the lost person. But he must shepherd, that is, feed them. 2 Timothy 4:2-5 There is to be this expounding of the Scriptures.

When a pastor has as his hearers that are mainly unconverted his ministry is evangelistic.  When they become converted you might call his ministry teaching.

In 2 Timothy as we referred to, James Philip said “All the evidence of the N.T.  was a teaching evangelism.  All the characteristic messages in Acts have the teaching at their heart; but it was doctrinal preaching all the time, based on the Scriptures, expounding and interpreting them.

Some have suggested that the pastor is to preach to reach the lost person.  And in a real sense that is true. The question is who does he do that?  I suggest that is done by the teaching and preaching of the Word. Jesus Christ the Lord is the Word.  1 Corinthians 14:24-25.

pastor sheep 1As I have said too often we ask the unconverted to respond to the Gospel when the gospel has not been presented.  If you only have given a few Gospel facts and you have missed the full context of the whole Bible you have ask the unconverted to respond to a half gospel.

We someone how think there is a instant salvation.  In America there is not a hour in the day that there is not come preacher preaching the Gospel.  No one can claim to be ignorant of the fact that the gospel as not been hear.  Yet there is little evidence that anyone is hearing the gospel.

I am sure there are some even in our church family that might be apt to say, “We can not bring our unconverted friends to a ministry of continue systematic teaching of the book of Romans every Sunday for the last four years.”

To that I must say “WHY NOT?”  If the unconverted to not hear the whole gospel of Christ then they are only responding to a weak gospel.

Christ came to earth to die, yes we know that.  He heal the sick yes we know that. But what he did was to take a small group of men  and feed them the Word of God.  That is the essential food for sheep.

Shepherds are called to churches and congregations, to feed the sheep, even if the sheep do not want to be fed.  I have learned that from John MacArthur, who has feed his sheep for 40 years on teaching the New Testament primarily.

For sure the pastor is not to become an entertainer of goats.  Let the goats entertain the goats.  What William Still said, “you will certainly not turn goats into sheep by pandering to their goatishness.”  Was he talking about Joel Osteen or Robert Shuler back in the 40’s?

So what I am suggesting is the way to truly see the unconverted come to Christ is to preach the Word. For it is the Word that God uses by the Holy Spirit to bring the unconverted to Himself.


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