Have You Been God Holy Spirit Called to Preach


I think it was Frank who was the pastor at Begelow Church told me “Charles your ministry to young pastors would be how to survive pastors and churches.”  If after almost 50 years in ministry you can say you are still preaching, teaching, shepherding, and loving it than you are God called. If you can survive your own mistakes, and poor judgments they you must be Lord called. If you can survive been in twenty two churches and still want to preach and teach then you must be Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit called.

There seems to be a number of formal people who were once in church ministry that are very unhappy people.  They seem to be so critical of what they had to go through as a person who worked in a church.  They seem to be angry at everyone except with themselves.  They are deeply hurt and mad it seems and do not want to get into that situation again.

I am reminded of  what is his name, wrote a number of commentaries, finally when it seems that so one was reading his books he go so discouraged that he went into hidden for the rest of his life. Oh that would be A>W> Pink.   PyroManiacs: Setting the World on fire. `Is not My word like a fire?` says the LORD (Jeremiah 23:29).


A. W. Pink: glorifying God by disobeying Him?  

While what he wrote was great and I have learned a lot from him, he just couldn’t not work with people one on one.

Over the years having being in churches were success was the reason to be asked to leave. Once leaving a church the idea was not that there was not going to be another church. NEVER , never quite on God’s call to preach and teaching God’s word, even if its on a blog post.




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