Biblical Conviction

2013-04-23-20.08.07_thumb.jpgWhat was our biblical conviction thirty years ago, or even twenty years ago, or even fifteen years ago has changed today has it not?  We might be put in jail today with our conviction that we had then.  What we held firm as our biblical position back in the day, today we are changing our position, are we not?

What society believed to be wrong back in the day , today they seem to agree they were wrong in their position.

If ever I got in trouble as a pastor was addressing what I believe was a right position to take. I offended a lot of good people who were not on the same page as I was.  I never tried to hurt or offend anyone, but I did.  I was pretty strong in my belief and acted upon them.  Today I just might say, oh well, its their life.

Today I believe the same way, have the same conviction about biblical issues but am a little quieter then I was.






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