There was a time I did a lot of ranting in preaching, and though I was really preaching.  I could rant with the rest of the old time preachers.  But preaching the Word of God in its context and within the text is not ranting. I used to think howling was really good preaching, it got people’s attention.  I use to think a lot of things about what preaching was.  preaching no one wants to listenI used to think that I need to hit ever sin in the world when I was preaching. Step on every toe in the house, or church.  I usually missed the very sin that most had I am afraid.


What then is the purpose of preaching? Why are we called to preach and what is preaching?

The last five years at Rivers of Joy Baptist Church I have taught the book of Philippians, I am teaching Romans up to chapter 10:13, Luke to chapter 4, Proverbs the first 16 chapters, Isaiah up to chapter 11, I Peter chapter one to verse 17 , I Thessalonians 1-3.  All of Daniel.  Have taught topical: What is Biblical Prayer? (some 40 lessons)  The Bible that you hold in your had in the Word of God (40 lessons).

Five years at 50 weeks times three sermons a week = 750 sermons at 45 minutes a sermon…..

5 x 50 x 3 = 750 sermons (while I speak four times a week) if 750 sermons does not have an effect on people’s lives then they are not listening to the preaching of the word of God.  If the preaching is expositional that is teaching the text from the text and staying on the text and then encouraging them to obey the text which is God’s word, then something is wrong with the hearing of those who are listening.

To help people remember what I preach I give out notes, not just a brief outline but notes of the sermons.


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