View Points Opposing the Strange Fire Conference

Strange fire crowed


To be able to see both sides of a debate you need to see them.  And there are a lot of opposing viewpoints on the movement.

One that gives a lot of information about the view point here

The Strange Fire conference has set off fireworks around the globe, and there appears to be no letting up (just Google Strange Fire).  I began hearing about John MacArthur’s book Strange Fire a few months ago, and last week a conference by the same name attracted several thousand attendees.  Here is how the conference was promoted: (link)

For the last hundred years, the charismatic movement has been offering a strange fire of sorts to the third Person of the Godhead—the Holy Spirit. And evangelical churches have chosen to be silent or indifferent on the matter. This hasn’t served the church or the Spirit of the church with honor.

So what should be our response?

Strange Fire is a conference that will set forth what the Bible really says about the Holy Spirit, and how that squares with the charismatic movement. We’re going to address in a biblical, straightforward manner what many today see as a peripheral issue. On the contrary, your view of the Holy Spirit influences your relationship with God, your personal holiness, and your commitment to the church and evangelism.

Speakers at the Strange Fire conference included John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, Conrad Mbewe, Steve Lawson, Phil Johnson, and others.  We have mentioned Mbewe before — you may recall that he is often referred to as “the African Spurgeon”.


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