How Are You To Worship The Lord


If you read all of this post you get an A+

preaching all-communication-problems-are-due-to-reasonYou are speaking over our head preacher. No you are not listening to understand.

sermon listeningPeople used to come to listen to the sermon by the preacher

Most people I am afraid are just not up to Gospel expositional teaching / preaching of the Word of God.  I know listening to a 45 minute sermons is not like listening for 30 minutes of praise singing. You don’t have to think when you listen to the praise team sing, or stand there yourselves  wavering your arms and  hands in the air.  And you leave the church thinking boy we had a great worship service, wasn’t that great praise in our singing.  Are they will say, “wasn’t that a great truth in the drama this morning.”  That is not worship.

So many Christians will say, “You are not seriously thinking that we should sit and listen to one man speak to us  for an extended period of time do you?”  “Are you seriously thinking that the preacher should stand behind a real pulpit and present a sermon from the Bible, and actually take a portion of Scripture and explain it to our understanding?”


preaching and entertaiment logo

Some will say, “Our music is filled with God’s word.” “Our praise is God’s word.” Shouldn’t that be enough?”  We would rather give praise and tell God rather than listening to what God is saying by the preaching of His word by a preacher. God’s word comes to us by the reading of the Bible .

Up until the last fifty years or less, preaching was always the center of worship.  Preaching has always typified Christians.  Paul went into the synagogue and “he reasoned with them” (Acts 17:17, 18:4; 9:22).  The method that Paul used was to reasoned and persuade and confound them that Jesus was the Christ. So the pattern that Paul used was to read God’s word, explain it, and call people to respond to what it says.That is what we call expositional preaching.

Preaching noToday its not preaching behind a pulpit, its just talking behind an prop

Today we want to get more people into church by doing just the opposite.  Less preaching, less Bible terms, less explaining, less asking people to respond. More music more praise and less preaching

preaching are you listeningToo many people have ADHD

Listening to a sermon certainly takes more energy  than watching a baptism or been a part of the Lord’s Supper.

Most people have a listening and attentiveness disorder ADHD (I think). So many do not have the ability to engage in the preaching of the Word of God.  They will wonder away every five minutes.

preaching listen problems

I read this: There’s a story of an old Puritan minister, a member of the Westminster Assembly, who was interrupted in the middle of his sermon:

  •  While he was preaching a rude fellow cried aloud to him, “Lift up your voice, for I cannot hear you.” to whom Mr. Vines replied, “Lift you up0 your ears, for I can speak no louder.”


I have learned that many Christians do not know how to listen with the desire to learn.  I have had to teach them that there is a need for them to engage in the preaching.  I have to teach them that God has placed the preacher in this church for their care, and that they must work at listening to the sermon even as hard as we work at preparing for the sermon.

I am sure that most people who started out reading this post have quit reading already.

But as Thomas Watson said, “When we come to the Word, we should think within ourselves, ‘We are to hear God in this preacher.'” (Heaven Taken by Storm”sermon)









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