What Kind of church is Rivers of Joy Baptist Church?



Can you describe the kind of church you have and what you believe? 

  • We do have a church building? Paid for.  Build in 1996 I believe.

What is the church’s history?

  • he beginning of the church began with the founding pastor Quentin King. Pastor King had been in ministry for a long time when coming to Minford. He started the Portsmouth Baptist Church, over 50 years ago. He left the church after 25 years and went to Houston, Texas for a while and then in 1994 he and his wife came back and started this church with a group of people who had known the Kings for many years. Bro. King continued to pastor the church until his death in 2004. Following Bro. King was Kelly Cinereski, who came as an Assoc. Pastor and then the Pastor. He had a very good ministry here. Then in 2006 he left the church to take a church in Alaska.  We are grateful for the ministry of these two men and their family
  • http://www.growbylearning.org/testimonials.html
  • Charles e Whisnant and  Bob Temple and Bill Bower came in July 2008

What kind of people go to your church?

  • Most of our people are under 90 years of age. We do have one saint is 91 years old.
  • Most of our people are retired.  We have some that still work at a job.
  • Most of our people are couples. Few that are single.  We do have a few children
  • All of our members come. If after a year they do not come they are not members.
  • We hope that all our members are born again.
  • We all believe the Bible as the Word of God. And God speaks through the preachers the Word that He wants us to hear and obey.


100_2289What kind of preachers do you have?

  • Old.  One is 65 one is 72 and one is 81 years old
  • All believe the Word of God is God’s Word
  • All have been to Seminary and have been a pastor of other churches and on staff of other churches
  • All use the Bible to preach from. The text and sermon  is taking from the Bible.

Is your church with any organizations?

  • We are Baptist: I know there are a few kinds  of baptist? The kind of baptist that loves people, preaches the whole gospel of Christ, the Word of God from the Bible.
  • We are Independent in terms that we are accountable only to the local church and elders
  • We are Fundamental: which I am not sure what that really means, only that we believe in the Sovereign God, that God is the ruler of the church, through the elders and the Word of God.
  • We are  Elders led church. That is we are not congregational rule. Deacon rule or pastor rule.

What kind of worship do you have?Jesus the only way

  • The center of our worship is the preaching of the Word of God.
  • People worship through reading and listening and obeying the preaching of the Word.
  • Singing songs and special music are from the song book and hopeful scriptural.

What kind of preaching do you have?Biblical-Theology-logo-1.jpg

  • Sermons: Pastor Charles preaches about 45 minutes on a good Sunday. Bill around 30 minutes. Bob will preach about 30 minutes.
  • Expository Preaching: We open open the bible
  • What do we mean when we say we believe in expository preaching? Simply this read the text, explain the test, reproof, correct, exhort, instruct patience teaching directly from text of the scriptures. Take a text and stay on it until you give the understanding, and then apply it to be obeyed.

    What would you say the purpose of the church ?

  • The Church is a group of  saved, born again, baptized believers who endeavor to live according to the Word God, who have a desire to share Christ, and live an obedience life before God and mankind.
  • The reason we come to a place of worship is to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The assembly of believers for the express purpose of giving our best in our worship to Christ.
  • The worship service is for believers.  Others are welcome to come, but only those who are saved cane in fact worship the Lord.
  • The church is a place where we can express our spiritual gifts.
  • The church is where we can come a have a Christian fellowship.
  • The church is a place we can come and learn through the teaching of God’s word.

What is the church’s method of reaching out to the community and area and getting people in to church?

  • We are not a seeker – friend kind of church.  That is we do not seek to have people to come by trying to make them feel like they would be at home.
  • We believe in “Friendship Evangelism”  We believe that each member has a group of people that they are friends with that they could encourage and share the Gospel with.
  • We do a poor job I am afraid.  Most of our people live in all parts of the county.
  • We believe that each member should live such a Christian life that others would want to know how they are able to be a Christian.
  • We do not have a regular “visitation-soul winning” program just in case you wonder.
  • We do not have special Sundays to get people to bring people to church once a year.
  • We do not have a bus ministry to get kids to come to church.
  • We are not saying those things are wrong, they are good to do,  but we just do not have them in place.


  • What should and what does are two matters to consider for sure.
  • What should draw people to the church is the Word of God been taught.
  • What should draw people to church is to worship the Lord through the preaching of the Word and a place where they could use their spiritual gifts.
  • We are not the church that those who do come and visit are looking for. Them come and never to return again.  Why?  Wish we had a way of finding that out.  We are not the kind of church they were looking for I would say is the best reason they do not come back.

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