Study to Show Your Self Approve Before Men

This week I have been doing some research: Downloaded some articles


  1. Jesus and Salvation: An Essay In Interpretation, Roger Haignt. Theological Studies: 24 pages.
  2. Theological interpretation of Scripture. How are we to interpreted scripture in light of theology
  3. The carnal mind is enmity against God: Romans 8:7  How do we deal with free will?
  4. What does John Piper believe about dispensationalism, covenant theology,  and new covenant theology?
  5. The Crisis in 21 st Century Preaching A mandate for Biblical exposition.  32 pages
  6. Downloaded  The Essential Works of John Owen on Kindle Fire
  7. Studying a number of theological terms:  (1)  Traducianism (2) Heliocentrism (3) Geocentricity (4) Phonomenological Language (5) Perspicuity (6) Covenant Theology (7) Infant Baptism (4)Dispensationalism
  8. And its only Wednesday










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