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Ergun Caner who was at Liberty U. and was let go, (who should have never been hired in the first place) and then he was hired at Arlington Baptist College. Its like so many pastors who will take in members from another church when they shouldn’t. But they do not really care how they acted in the other church. Don’t you just had how some cover up sinful behavior?

Liberty U should have known about Ergun Caner in the first place.  Arlington Baptist College in Texas should have known his record. ABC had no business putting Caner on staff.

I was over on the ABC website and discovered that on his bio they have correctly stated that he was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1966 and this is the first time the real truth I have seen in print.

But what I am really more concern with is Pastor of churches will do the same thing. Most do not want to know the history of any member joining the church. They don’t want the know and will not listen in the first place.  How many times while I was pastor that I had to check out members who wanted to join the church.  How many times when a few of the members at FBC left and went to another church. I never got a phone call from the pastor or church about them.  I am thankful not many in sixteen years left mad, and most left for the right reason.  But there were a few that left mad.

Today in our current church there have been more than a few who have left bad and mad. And have joined other churches and we received not one call or letter asking up about why they left our church.

Believe me that would be the first thing I would do is to call and check them out.

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