The Jews Missed The Meaning of Holiness Luke 3



Charles e Whisnant, Pastor/Teacher, Preacher

Please open your bible today to Luke 3:21-22. What does God want us to learn today?

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ROMANS 10: 3 ‘THEY” Being the Jewish people “BEING IGNORANT OF GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNES>” Which seems impossible doesn’t it? How could they not have seen just how righteous God was and is. THE DOCTRINE OF GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Now remember what we’ve been learning. In the book of Romans Paul is endeavoring to present the gospel of justification by grace through faith. In other words, he’s presenting how to be right with God, how to have a relationship with God, And he’s presented that…a man becomes right with God through faith, God’s grace reaches out and the man responds by faith.

The Jews, however, have rejected this.

They have rejected Christ. They have rejected the gospel. They have, for the most part, rejected the preaching of the Apostles. And Paul knows that if he is to make any points with his teaching, he’s going to have to deal with this unbelief of Israel.

He’s got to explain it somehow because unknowing and unwitting people are going to say, “Well how can we believe this is true if the Jews who are God’s people don’t believe it’s true?” So he must discuss the unbelief of Israel as a defense of the validity of the doctrine of justification by grace through faith. He’s got to explain the unbelief of Israel.

And so this is not some incidental text, this is the heart of his argument, this is the apologetic.

If the gospel is really true then you better tell us why the people of God have rejected it…the ones who have always received God’s law, the ones who have written down God’s law, who have preserved God’s law, who are the people of the covenant and the people of promise…if they reject it then you better tell us how that can happen if it’s really God’s message. And that’s exactly what he does. But that’s only the first half.

The first reason to explain Israel’s unbelief is God’s sovereignty.

The second one is Israel’s willful ignorance. And the two always go together…they always go together, they’re always in perfect harmony, concurrence and balance that where you have God rejecting a person, being it an Esau or a Pharaoh or whoever else they might represent you will also have in that person willful ignorance and unbelief.

One does not exist without the other. God doesn’t just damn people apart from their own choices, they act in concurrence.

And remember last time I told you five things that we need to note.

They were ignorant of the person of God, They were ignorant of the provision of Christ, They were ignorant of the place of faith, They were ignorant of the perimeters of salvation and They were ignorant of the predictions of Scripture.

Romans 10:3 For not knowing (50) about God’s righteousness(1343) and seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God. (NASB:

They did not know the way that God makes people right with him. And they tried to make themselves right in their own way. So they did not accept God’s way of making people right. (ICB: Nelson) For they, being, ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God..” kjv

The Jews failed to see the Holiness of God.…… They either refused to believe, or they were ignorant of the importance of knowing who God was.

If a person doesn’t understand God’s rightness, that is the supreme ignorance. If we imagine that God is less than He is, we have made a fatal mistake because we find God less than perfect, therefore He tolerates sin and imperfection, therefore we’re going to be okay if we just improve a few things…fatal mistake…fatal mistake.

Some verses in the O.T. About this matter of the holiness of God

Romans 10 Lev Holiness

Leviticus 18 and 19 Called the law of holiness where God lays down the principles for society and for morality within society. Would we heed those in our current society today. And all these are His perfect expressions of His absolute purity. And He always sets Himself as the standard and this is what is so great about Leviticus that Dorothy and most of you find so hard to get into. Either did the Jews it seems. I am going to look in Leviticus 19 “Laws of Holiness and Justice.

How to Spell ‘Holy’ (Leviticus 19:1-37)

  1. Leviticus chapter 19 provides us with an exposition on the practice of holiness. The holiness of God is thus revealed in relationship to the redemption of Israel out of Egypt. Consequently, it is not until after the exodus that God calls upon His people to live holy lives. The Mosaic Covenant is established so that Israel would be a holy nation (Exod. 19:6). While there are hints at how holiness is to be practiced by the people of God earlier in the Pentateuch, it is in the 19th chapter of the Book of Leviticus that holiness is defined in great detail.

    1. First, it is important because of the distorted perceptions of holiness.

    2. Second, Leviticus 19 is vitally important because of the desperate need for the practice of holiness.

    3. Third, many sincere Christians have gone astray seeking an unholy holiness.

    4. Fourth, Leviticus 19 is important to us because of the prominence of its teaching in the New Testament.

The Necessity of Holiness
  1. The necessity of holiness is found in the first primary commandment: “You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy” (Lev. 19:2). Note the following factors relative to this command.

    1. The necessity of holiness is seen by the fact that the entire nation of Israelite is commanded to be holy.

2. The command also provides a motivation for holiness.

3. There is also a provision for the holiness which God required of His people

4. God Himself provided the pattern for holiness



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