Jesus Purposed To Be Baptized By John Luke 3



Charles e Whisnant, Expositor, Teacher, Preacher, Pastor,

September 08 2013

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Please as we do each Lord’s day, open you Bible to Luke chapter three and lets see what God has for us today thought the teaching of the Word. Listen, God is Speaking Through The Preacher To You, Listen and ObeyHEN CT

H Jesus…” He arrives from Galilee… i.e. He is to make a public appearance. And that is what Jesus did.

Jesus started out from Nazareth and traveled to the wilderness of Judea. While there He was with John the Baptist. Jesus was also baptized and tempted of the Devil. Then Jesus went to Galilee and was in Capernaum and Cana. This would be one round trip of at least 240 miles (386 km). (John 1:19-28 through John 2:12)

John knew that the Messiah was the Son of God, that He was holy and pure and sinless, he knew that. And so he says to Him...Look, I am not going to baptize You, You need to baptize me. Why are You coming to Me to baptize You?” This is testimony from John, the great prophet and forerunner of the Messiah, listen, to the Messiah’s sinlessness.

Here is the greatest man who ever lived up until his time, according to Matthew 11:11, that’s what Jesus said, here is the greatest of the prophets therefore, here is the great forerunner of the Messiah, here is the herald of the Messiah, here’s the one who introduces the Messiah and the first thing he says about the Messiah is He is sinless and therefore it is impossible that He should go through John’s baptism.

Why? Because John’s was a baptism of repentance. You go back in Matthew 3:6 the people who were coming were being baptized by John in the Jordan River as they confessed their sins. In verse 11, “I baptize you with water for repentance.” Now do I need to remind you what John’s baptism was? The Messiah was coming.

Well, Jesus shows up, first question…You’re the Son of the Most High God,

You’re not alienated from God, You’re the sinless one, You’re the holy child, remember, the holy child…the angel said…You’re holy, You have no sin, You are not alienated from God, You don’t need this baptism, in fact the protest…there’s a reasonable protest.

Well this was His purpose, He came to be baptized by him. That’s an infinitive with the word touin the Greek, t-o-u, that’s purpose. I came for this very purpose. And I think John’s reaction is reasonable. (A.T. Robertson’s)

But Jesus said this, Matthew 3:13-15 by the way, this is the first thing Jesus says since He was twelve that’s recorded in Scripture. Eighteen years of silence are now broken. And what He says is really amazing. Permit it at this time for in this way it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” And John gave in and did it, permitted it.

What is Jesus saying here? He’s saying He has to do this, He gives you the answer,

“To fulfill all righteousness.” He has to do it to fulfill all righteousness.

What does that mean? If you go to John 1:33 you find out that John was very much aware,

John the Baptist says, “I didn’t recognize Him…I didn’t recognize Jesus at first…but He who sent me to baptize in water said to me, ‘Upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining on Him, this is the one who baptizes in the Holy Spirit.‘”

God told me who this was, God told me that the one that I would see the Holy Spirit come down on and remain on, that would be the one.

This is saying is that whatever God required, Jesus did because Jesus would live a life of perfect righteousness. There would be no sins of commission, He would never do what He shouldn’t have done, and there would be no sins of omission, He would never fail to do what righteous people did

John was reluctant and he was reluctant because he knew what his baptism meant, it meant that you were confessing to be sinner and that’s all it meant and he was very concerned that if Christ did this He would be portraying Himself as a sinner and he tried to stop Jesus from doing that. And Jesus turned it around the other way and said, “But, John, on the other hand, this is what God has asked righteous people to do and I’ll do it because I do everything that is required by God.”

What’s the grander scheme of things? It’s this. so why did He have to be baptized? To fulfill all righteousness, to do what God required to be done, to do what was right to be done so that that perfectly righteous life would satisfy God and then be credited to your account and to my account. The doctrine of Imputation, or justification:

Luke 3 21 Imputed in His RighteousnessLuke 3 21 Impution 
On the cross God treated Jesus as if He lived your life. Turns right around and treats you as if you lived His. That is the amazing reality of the imputation of righteousness. Jesus needed to live a perfect life so that perfect life could be credited to your account. He couldn’t just come down on Friday, die on Friday, rise on Sunday and go back. There would have been no righteous life. There would have been no righteous childhood, no righteous teen-aged years, no righteous adulthood, no righteous life in which Jesus never did anything wrong and always did everything that God required. That perfect life is what is credited to your account. That’s the righteousness of God in Christ credited to you. It’s the righteousness of God lived out in the life of Christ and now put to your account so that when God looks at your name in the book and it says “(YOUR NAME,” under it it says “Lived a perfect life.”


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