The Real Truth About John Calvin?

John Calvin preaching pulipJohn Calvin preaching in his church

Steve Lawson Master's Seminary1Steve Lawson at the Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley CA.

John Calvin Steve Lawson book onThe book I am reading on Kindle Fire.

I have been reading Steve Lawson’s book on John Calvin.  When you generally mention John Calvin, people get mad and say all kinds of wrong things about him that they have heard through the grape vine.

Charity said,  “Why did they hate John Calvin so much.”  Why do people hate Jesus Christ so much?
John calvin quote 1I listen to Steve Lawson on video and he mention John Calvin as on  of the five preacher that he would consider the best expository preachers in all of history.

I will be honest I have not read Calvin’s sermons or have I really read a good book about John Calvin until reading Steve Lawson book on Kindle Fire.  There is one book you should read just to find out if all you have heard about him is true or not.

Then I downloaded a book on sermons by John Calvin and in one of the sermons from I Timothy where Paul tells Timothy to preach the word and not to preach vain things.. There is a quote from the sermon back in 1550’s

John Calvin 1John Calvin preaching pulip

“Many there are that would gladly have pleasant things taught them; they would make pastime of the Word of God, and recreate themselves thereby; thus they seek vain and unprofitable teaching..”

This was 500 years ago. Its the same today, churches today are filled with preachers who preach what is pleasant to the ears of the people and people come by the 1000’s. They come to hear the good news that that are okay if they just believe they are.

Are you looking for a church where the unpreacher, uncalled preacher is preaching a sermon that is unbiblical? Are you looking for a church where you will be able to hear pleasant words that will not offend you  and get you afraid you are living in sin? Are you looking for a church where you can have a lot to say to God and you will not hear a lot from God? THEN RIVERS OF JOY IS NOT YOUR CHURCH YOU WANT TO ATTEND.


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