Wednesday Night I was teaching from 1 Peter chapter one.  Looking at the photo I noted the notes I was using I would say I have a lot to say.  Well I should say the manuscripts of the first chapter of First Peter. Yes the First Chapter of Peter only.  Back in 1994 while Pastor at First Baptist Church in Altoona, Kansas I preached this series from chapter one.  (never got to chapter two I don’t think.)

Explaining the Scripture, and using Scripture to explain scripture.

And what God said in 1994 is what He would say in 2013. If you are an expository teacher, and you are teaching what the original author was saying, then he would be saying the same thing, right?  And since the goal of your teaching is to explain the scripture as you believe Peter mean it when he wrote it, then that message should not have changed.

The message of Peter to the people in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, and Asia, and Bithynia,  (in the Roman province in “Asia Minor” Jews. These were contiguous states stretching along the southern shore of the Black Sea, just those regions in which Paul wanted to minster, but was precluded by the Holy Spirit. (sorry some historical background) and those who were God’s elect,  who were scattered thought all the earth at that time was also a message that God wants all of His Elect to hear even today in 2013

Yes, I have a full manuscript before me, and as I listen to the video, I was reading.  I do this a lot, as a matter of fact I have been doing this for most of my preaching ministry.  I know I have read enough books on preaching that says that is not a good way of doing it.

I am not sure why it is not a good way, its an perception on the part of the people who hear you that you are not preaching from the Holy Spirit if you are reading it from the manuscript.  But that is not necessary correct. 

First I typed every word that I had on the manuscript.  Back in 1994 I only had a IBM typewriter.  We have come a long way baby since then have we not?  Anyway, I study a lot during the week and write down a lot of what I am studying.

I do not memorize very well and as a result I have gotten in the habit of reading what I say for the most part.  Many preachers just do that they memorize their sermons.  Others have an outline and general notes to help remind them what they want to say. That is great for sure.

My excuse is that I have to prepare four sermons a week, and I can’t memorize that many sermons.  I preach an in-depth sermon from the bible text and that takes a lot of study.

First Peter  living-hopeAnd what I have  discovered from 1994 and 2013 I could have had have gone future in the detail of the study of Peter. Well I could finish out the book I guess.

Oh by the way Charles Spuregon’s sermons were written back in 1864 and on and they are as good today as they were then.  God’s word doesn’t change and if you are teaching God’s Word’s as they were spoken they don’t change.

The key to the hearer is to listen to the message.

Charity has been reading out loud a novel and she read to me on the way to Arlington Texas and back.  I loved it. Now she reads about an hour in the evening. She is reading the book, and I am listening . 


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