Teenagers Church At the Adult Services

praise and worship hands

What we are experiencing in many churches today is what was seen in many of our children’s church and youth church years ago. The adult church looks a lot like children/youth church.

In many churches today, you will find that the adults are doing what they did when they were in children’s church or teenage church.

Many churches look like a “teenagers” church service.  What I mean is adults are ask to be teenagers.  There was a time that you came to the church service and had and adult experience.  You had adult songs, you had adult preaching, you wore adult clothes, you talked like an adult, you could be an adult in the worship services.  Now in many churches you might mistake the adult church worship as a youth church service.

The attraction that church leaders are using to get people to come to the church is  defined by the culture.  Remember when Friday on the job became a friendly dress day?  Now we have a friendly Sunday Service. That is come as you are service. You would not go to work dress like you go to the church, but you will to worship the Lord.

praise the Lord 1Is this a scene at a church service or at a rock concert?

In  many churches today, the attraction is the first hour. Pop Music, Praise Band, Loud Music, Drama, Display of Art, Standing for 30 minutes singing the same seven words eleven times. Raising the hands like you did at a Rock concert on Saturday night.

As a result of this kind of approach to worship has lead to a adolescent kind of Christianity.

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