Quotes by Charles made on Facebook or Twitter

America is not safe from God’s judgment. God could at any time bring judgment upon America. God knows sin will wax worse and worse. But I still believe God is still in control. Our responsibility as Christians? To give God glory and stay faithful.

When I preach a sermon and its from God’s Word, it is God’s Word speaking to each individual. While we do not give a altar call at the end of the sermon for you to make a commitment or to make a decision that does not mean that you are free to ignore the message. If the Spirit reaches your spirit, you should give heed.


If you desire to learn truth as to how you should live a godly life and pleasing to the Lord and mankind, then read carefully the book of Proverbs in the Bible and apply to your life daily. A chapter a day and learn and apply will keep you reasonably on the right track of living life with some steadfastness and faithfulness.

So if you habitually find yourself too anxious or too busy to devote time to learning, you may suffer from the action imperative. It is absolutely necessary or required; unavoidable: It is imperative that we learn or we lose.

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