Quotes That Might Make You Think.

DSC01429(1)GROW BY LEARNING WEBSITE LINE   or cwhisna.blogspot.com

Do I give my mind unfiltered access to everything but the Bible, thus dimming the light of Scripture and causing me to embrace untruth?

Happy 87th Birthday, J.I. Packer! Here’s to another year of Taking God Seriously.

Most leaders can detect a person who is genuine versus someone who is pretentious. I hear so often people say “I need Jesus” and I am saying they are so pretentious. Because a week later they ar back doing the same thing they did before, and have not once going to Jesus for help.

I he Are people so full of themselves that they talk incessantly, primarily about themselves?  If they talk more than 60 percent of a conversation, they either have bloated egos, or they don’t think they can learn anything from you, or they are nervous and rambling.


Friendship do not necessary translate that they will like your preaching. Or for that matter your church.

Dennis Farina, ‘Law & Order’ actor, dies at 69

The devil won another victory, a young man killed himself.

The devil won another victory, a person quit church today.

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