Building Up The Believer Through Evangelists

Rivers of Joy Baptist Church , Minford, Ohio
Four Outstanding Evangelist in our church: April to July 2013

Winston Hall – Evangelist and Bible Teacher
Bob Temple –  Pastor and Teacher
Alan Harris –    Evangelist and Singer
Dwight Haynes –  Evangelist – Chalk Artist

Haynes Dwight and CharlesThe purpose  I have of ministry is to bring the best possible people to minister to us. The four men and their families  have blessed us these last four months have been. If your blesser has not been blessed then you have a dead blesser.

100_2052_thumb.jpgThe church needs to be build up in the faith, in hope and in salvation.  While it is true that the Pastor/Teacher preaches and teaches the word weekly from the Bible, there are times that the members need a little evangelism and singing.

ROJBC-Winston-Charles-Tie-Wedns.jpgThese men who have come have come to be a help to our people, they have not come to entertain.  They have come with a purpose to help the Pastor accomplish the goal of building up believers, and reach the lost.

All these men have come knowing we have just a tiny group of people.Many evangelist could not come for a love offering and would rather hit the big churches. You know the Jerry Falwells’s of old.  Some singers have out grown the smaller churches.

Charity and I have been blessed by having them in our home for some great fellowship.  I have come to know them over the years and know they love the Lord. (Well Dwight I just meet, but it is amazing that we have had some of the very same experiences and convictions)


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