The Dwight Haynes Family at ROJBC

We were honored to have Dwight and Ann Haynes family in our church July 07 2013.

Haynes family JulyHow Pastor Charles came to know Dwight and Ann Haynes. Dwight’s Aunt is Barbara Campbell, his mothers sister.  Dean and Barbara were members of Dad’s church in Roanoke Virginia back in the last 50’s and 60’s.  Dwight’s sister Jane had connected me through Facebook and she put me in connect with Dwight.

I guess you could say God’s providence. They were finishing up their six week tour and were on their way home in Virginia, and offered to come by and visit with us and be in our church on Sunday July 07 2013.

They arrived on Saturday  at our house and we had a great time visiting and talking about ministry.

To be honest we did not know what to expect to see and hear from Dwight on Sunday. But we were delighted and blessed with Dwight and Ann present the Gospel and Word in music and chalk.  I had never seen the way they presented the program. The blend of Dwight speaking and Ann singing was unique for sure. And the message and drawing was excellent.

Dwight Hayes logo-chalktalksnet-11_12-w-family-smallerDwight and Ann are very good singers as well.(click) 

Hayes Sarah CharityCharity and Sarah  Haynes Charity and girl Haynes Dwight and Charles Haynes eating Whisnant s Haynes family July Haynes Whisnant Bower July sHaynes Bowers Whisnant july


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