The older I get the more I learn how little I really know about the Bible.  While its true that over the last 50 years I have been trying to learn the meaning of the Bible I realize just how little I know.

I think I know Matthew, Luke, Acts, Romans , I Corinthians, Ephesians , Philippians, I Peter 1, and 1 Thessalonians 1 to 3 and  and Philemon and Hebrews, and Revelation rather well. But when I began a second turn of teaching Romans I realize I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. 

God Said It I believe it

I love to study Scriptures, but I can tell you sometimes I think it is impossible to understand the Scriptures fully, or even a little. 

Over the years I realize that so many people just don’t believe the way I have come to believe about the Word of God. People will say “that’s Charles!” I wonder what they mean by that!!  What I think the interpreting of the texts are there are many others who have a different idea of what they mean.

I mean there are few preachers, theologians and elders that agree alike, so what makes me think I know more than the rest  Is it possible to know the Bible? 

As I was reading today and working on Romans 9, it occurred to me, I wonder if God doesn’t think the same away about us trying to understanding his Word.

As God listens to us as we teach and try to explain the Bible each week, I wonder if he is shaking His head and muttering to Himself, “Where in the heavens did he get that from? Most  likely  from John MacArthur.”  “I said nothing like that at all.” “Did he just take My words right out of context?” 

If Paul could, but he doesn’t by the way, but if Paul could listen to us teach his books, like Romans 9 he might be saying, “how could he so misunderstand and misrepresent what I was saying.” 

I am sure that while I read a lot from those men who have died 500 years ago, or 150 years ago, they might say,  “you just misunderstand what I was trying to say.”

Can you imagine what the “Holy Spirit” thinks.  We hear all the conflicting  reports what the “Holy Spirit” supposedly tells Christians from all over the world.  Some one will report that the Holy Spirit told them to start a Bible College, while another said that is not what the Holy Spirit told me, he said we need to build a church.”

Whose revelation from the Holy Spirit was correct since both views were the opposite  idea.   The Holy Spirit said they were both wrong.

I know Bob Temple said this in Rivers of Joy Baptist a few times:  “God said it, I believe It, and that settles it.” 

Yes that might be true, but  “what is it that “God really said.”

What did God say


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