Let’s discuss the use of altar calls in church services.  For the purpose of this blog post, an altar call is an event that takes place after preaching.  It involves an invitation from the preacher to come to the front of the church in response to the message.

I use no public invitation at the end of my sermons. In our church first 15 years there were reported over 300 salvations, and today we can’t find one of them. I was in FBC Hammond IND under Jack Hyles for several years and saw weekly over 100 people, kids, saved and baptized, in one year 10,000 was said to be saved. Today where are they. And for a number of years FBC reported 1000’s were saved.  I can testify to you that was false and will lead many to believe they were saved and they will be lost for eternity.



There is no explicit Scriptural reference to altar calls in the historical or modern form.  The Bible doesn’t talk about coming forward to the altar or going to a decision director who assigns people to counselors.I have This altar call I have been in a number of times. For the moment there was some really great feelings about one’s spiritual life. And I believe that most at the time and moment really wanted to have their life change. 

We have song Just As I Am I know at least 1000 times over the years. 

I went door to door for years and saw many who “made a profession of faith” that never  made it to church.  There fore I believe there is a better method of seeing people come to Christ.

Dad Hat

(All these preachers were good preachers by the way (I do know the last two preachers were/and are good preachers.)

I have seen over my 50 years a number of evangelist come in and preach on hell and other sort of sermons and people respond for a moment  until the  next week, and they are never in church again.  I have seen a number of VBC kids over the years who were asked to be saved and they had no idea what that mean.

Evangelist go to the Philippines and report 40,.000 get saved, and come back the next year and they get saved again. False salvation is so common in evangelist meetings.

But what I have seen when I have not given an invitation per say, those who God has brought unto salvation were made after the service and after they got home and later that week they let others know and they were born again.

Calvinists or not, that is not the issue.  What is the issue is giving a true gospel message and giving a true biblical understanding of what been saved is all about.  To ask someone to be saved at the end of a sermon with out a full gospel presentation is damnation to that person. 


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