Church Altar Calls


I hold the theological position that the preacher should preach the complete gospel message and then let God do the rest. I cannot report who was saved by grace, but I might be able to report those who “made profession of faith>’ But I will wait a month or two to see if the seed produces salvation. I would like to report that Christians were moved by the Spirit unto greater holiness and more like Christ in their lives. But that too would also take time to manifest in their living.

Our policy is to preach the Word of God, plant the seed and then if by God’s grace, He gives His grace to the sinner than we are thrilled. Usually you can not see the result of God’s grace the first day.

To announce that 34 people make “profession of faith” in a service is not very wise.  If you mean that they all become born again believers.  We hope they all will be, but the record shows few are really born again of the Spirit unto salvation.

The ministers responsibility is to present the Word of God and then let the Holy Spirit work in the lives of those who hear him preach.  Therefore we do not give an after service invitation to make a quick decision. I have found that sometimes people need more than a few moments to make a life changing change in  their life and thinking.

If we believe God is sovereign and He elects then God will do just as He said he will do. Trust the Lord to do His sovereign work in bringing those to salvation.



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