Open Homosexual Teens and Children



What started out that adults came out and confessed their sinful act of sex and lifestyle, now we have teenagers and even younger children doing the same thing.   Now the Boy Scouts can have open children say they are homosexual. I don’t know if that means they can have sex or what.  I didn’t want my children to express any sexual activity when they were kids.

In this article I read this morning:  “Gay Student Inspires With Graduation Speech About Acceptance.”


  • eighteen-year-old Theodore Chalfen’s speech at Fairview High School’s commencement ceremony was truly one of a kind. Not because he announced he was gay during it — his whole class already knew that — but because he managed to be insanely inspiring without the use of cliches.
  • Chalfen began his speech by saying he was “skipping over the cliches,” then got to the point of thanking the class of 2013 for being supportive of his decision to go through high school as openly gay. It wasn’t a decision he made lightly, he said, but didn’t regret it because of the outpouring of understanding his classmates showed him for four years.


What I find sad about all this, that Christians are accepting this lifestyle.  Those who believe in the authority of Scriptural in moral value will know what they have been taught in their life time.   The gay folks, many are  people who are nice and kind, and loving and work and have great job, in all walks of life, acting, sports, banking, singers, etc. And from the appearance you would never know their sexual preference. I could easily sit down and talk with any of these nice people. 

Here is the difference as a Christian I can be of  acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle.  If ask I would have to say from a Biblical point of view I could not accept the lifestyle as right in the eyes of the Lord.  Since my viewpoint is from a Biblical-worldview I view morals from the standpoint that I understand what the scriptures say.

WOrld view christian-worldviewWorldview what is yours


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