Sunday May 17 2013 at Rivers of Joy Baptist Church


imageimageimageimageimagePhoto: Frankie Lemaster Dawkins

Photo: Frankie Lemaster Dawkins

Doing the Lord’s Work in the Lord’s Way seems like a fair statement and one in which we desire most.  How that is to be fleshed out in reality is the goal. 

There are a list of things that we could mention that we believe are right to do in a church that Christ would be pleased with.

A church body that believes in the authority of the Bible, and believe that Jesus Christ is our example to live by, and the Holy Spirit is living in us to guide us into holiness.  And God is sovereign in all things, in creation, in the administration of His creation and in salvation of those who are saved.

A church body that believes that the leaders should follow the pattern of I Timothy and Titus.

A church body that are true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and have the desire to be holy in their living.

A church that preaches and teaching the Word of God. By that we mean teaching the Word of God from the Bible,  the text is read, and then explained and then an application is made to us today.

Of course the list could go on but these are the major ones.


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