Deleating The Programs In Our Lifes Meant For Spiritual Growth



Sunday after church I uninstall a program, thinking I didn’t need it. Well I did. And I couldn’t get on the internet. Couldn’t figure the problem out. Finally on Monday I called Tech-fix-now (paid for it) to correct the program. From India Mr. Randerep Singn Pundir correct the problem and cleaned up all the unwanted programs and popups. Now here is a great sermon spiritual illustration that I could use Sunday.


Many times in our Christian life we do uninstall spiritual biblical programs that we need for spiritual growth.  How many times do we delete the very means whereby we gain spiritual strength?  We remove the  daily intake of  Bible reading from our mind. We might go days without any Word from God’s Word.

Many times we do not attend a good bible teaching church where the pastor/teacher gives a message that is full of biblical content.  We hear maybe come good  stories and feel good about ourselves.  Some times we hear preaching that makes you feel that our life is filled with a number of unnecessary programs that we  don’t need and we need to clean them out of our lives.

We all need from time to time a real good diagnostic evaluation of our programs that we have in our lives that might need cleaning up.

We all need a spiritual technician from time to time to help us see what we need in the way of checking out our spiritual programs to see how the are working in in our lives.

diagnostic key

I am glad that I connected a good computer technician who was able to correct and remove all the unnecessary programs in my computer. I can tell you the computer runs better and faster than before.

 We all need to be filled with the Word of God.  Reading the Word from Genesis to Revelation is good.

Bible and notes used in 1966



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