What Is Your World View About Life?

POST 380.  How many have you read?


Worldview what is yours

Your view is shaped by what you think you believe in your mind that is shaped by what you read, learn and see and feel…or Worldview

                                your have shaped your view by knowing what the Biblical viewpoint is.

We all have a view.  What do you believe about abortion?  How about the President of the United States?  How about the Miami Heat winning the NBA championship?  How about Calvinism?  What is your view about Christians going to church every Sunday?  How about homosexuality is it right? You view about marriage?  What about God is sovereign over who is going to be in Heaven?   What is your view on finance?  Your view on war and peace? So you believe Christians should marry those who say they are not Christians?

I would say you have a view about all those questions?  So let me ask: how did you come to believe your view about those issues? On some you have a very strong view others not so much.

Your view of life and every thing that is in it happens because  of your view that you have developed in your life.  Some views stick with your for a life time, and nothing can ever change those views.  They be 100% wrong, you may not know it, or you might believe you are wrong, but that is your view.

Your views can be developed in your mind by what you see, hear, view and talk about.  Those people you are around, those who teach you in school, and college, and seminary form your views about all issues of life. 

All people have opinions about issues they have and see every day. 

Your views have been shaped by those you listen to. You come to believe it is right to have an abortion, or not have an abortion for example because of what you have come to believe is the right belief. 

Your life is a reflection of your belief you have developed over your lifetime.

There are many people who have honestly developed wrong beliefs because they have come under the wrong influences of those who are wrong. 

So you say, how come you believe these people are wrong?  How do we come to have the right belief systems of life, and issues we face each day, and have the answers to the questions I just ask?

There are only two views to follow: The worldview and the Christian-Biblical Worldview. 

world view boy girl

I want to share with you my view about marriage, Heaven, God, the economy we have today, Jewish’s Religion ,  Religion in general., How to  raise children. Facebook. Rivers of Joy Baptist Church.

What is the pattern of thought you have concern these matters? 

Where do you draw your reflection from?  Dr. Phil or Dr. and Apostle Paul?


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