What About the Size of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church


We don’t always tell  how many we had in church on Sunday.  (Sunday School, Worship Morning, or Night, and Wednesday/  I know how many we have in our church each week.  From the first time I was a youth pastor in 1964 I knew how many was in our young people’s class. I have always counted people.  I love counting the number of people in our services.  It is not a sin you know.

What Does the Bible Say?

The Bible reminds us that numbers and counting are neither intrinsically good nor intrinsically evil. David counted with the wrong motivation, and it was clearly sinful (2 Samuel 24). Luke records the numbers of people who became believers and its count is clearly celebratory (Acts 4:4).

If we report our attendance numbers to show how big and good our churches are compared to other churches, we are clearly counting and sinning. If we add one more to the count than is really present, we are clearly sinning. But if we use the numbers as a way to celebrate God’s goodness, and if we use them to motivate us for greater service to Him, we are clearly using the numbers for God’s glory.  http://thomrainer.com/2013/05/11/five-ways-to-avoid-lying-about-church-attendance/


I kept a record of every person that came to our youth classes from Roanoke Baptist Temple. Number as always meant to me people who I care about. 

But I will admit that the more you have the better you like to talk about them.

As a pastor of churches I have always kept a note of who was in church in the services.  People do count and are important. 

I could never come up with the number that FBC in Hammond IND had. They had from 7,000 adults in the worship service and 7,000 kids in the children’s services.

To dated I am pastor/teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio.  I would love to report that we  have 100’s coming. That would be a big big lie. 

I would like to report that we have 100 members. That also would be a big lie.  When I came back in 2008  we did have over 150 members. And only a 12 were coming. 

I would like to report over the last 4.10 years that over 100 have joined the church. I think 10 have joined.  Let me thank here ?  I know we have had members who came back to ROJBC for a while and then quit.  Numbers. 

I will admit it has been a little embarrassing from the pride point of view that we have so few coming.  I want to lie at times or just say nothing about our attendance. But that is pure pride.

One person on Facebook when he found out that we had from 15 to 25 coming said, “I know why you have so few coming, I hear your preaching.” 

He might have been right.  My preaching/teaching will cause a lot of people from not coming for sure.  I make no excuses. 



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