Unfiltered and Straight to the Point.

Briley Puzzel 1

Sometimes comments I make might seem like a Dora Puzzle but they are really not at all.

Staring at my complete screen….. feeling like “What’s the point? Who cares anyway?!  There is the beginning of a bad feeling. Those thoughts do not happen often.

Generally  I don’t write something that is written “unfiltered.” But there are those times that I just write unfiltered.  Just say what ever is on my mind at the moment. 

I forget sometime that people might read what I say. “Think Charles, someone just might read into what you are saying.”

I have learned our every remark will be read  and no one will  read them the  same way.   Some will just glance over, some will see only a few words, some will totally miss what is written. Some will even think that was a good thought.  

Few remarks I make are “Unfiltered,”  Many remarks are pulled out of one on my sermons that I am going expand in the sermon. Generally I do have a thought in mind that might be a help to someone. I never preach a sermon that I don’t have a purpose in the sermon. I hope the Holy Spirit will provide understanding that He wants them to have.

That brings me to this point, not all people have the right kind of soil (Matthew 12) to receive the preaching of the Word of God they don’t have a clue what is meant by what is said. Some people who are tune into the Spirit have good perception. But when you hear the Scripture there is going to be food for your soul to grow in the nurture in holiness of the Lord. I certainly don’t equate my remarks  as scripture. But I do hope  that my sermons are going to be  scriptural saturated.


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