Christ is Our Promised–Seed and Our Savior



Charles e Whisnant, Teacher Outline/Notes:

April 2013 Isaiah 9:6-7

When the battle is over, the wars there shall come a period of peace. For their weapons will be for burning, their cloths for food. A sign of victory. A high funeral pile to have victory.


The O.T. is like a thread that winds itself in and out of each book with a PROMISE AND PROPHECY which stretched on unbroken until the Son of Man comes.

The puzzle map was quickly put together because there was

A PREVISION: There are a far reaching threads, a Sign which has infinite meaning. In a SEED, you have a Harvest.

BRIEF OUTLINE: The Name of the Deliverer

1. Wonderful-Counselor

2. God-in-mighty One.

3. Father-in-Eternity

4. Prince-of-peace.

Isaiah could only see to a point: we see the whole picture. He knew the Deliverer and

He must filled out this outline to be the predicted Messiah:

  1. He must fill the imagination.

  2. He must satisfy the judgment

  3. He must satisfy the religious instinct.

  4. He must have a sense of brotherhood.

Christ, the GIFT of God, was sent veiled and wrapped up in our nature:

What A GIFT this was!

1. The worth of it.

The balance of 10,000 words the gift of love and grace

2. The suitableness of it

Acts 4:2; Hebrews 7:25; I John 5:12

3. The Seasonableness of it.

4. The Comprehensiveness of it:

Romans 8:32; Colossians 2:9-10 and I John 5:121

5. The Unrestricted freedom of it. A gift total free to us.


Upon Jesus will get to Heaven. He has the power, over all things.

Hebrews 1:6-14; Matthew 28:18 and Psalms 2:6

We have a need for a Governor – As Lost Sinners.

His wise authority:

  1. Legislative powers – solely His

  2. Supreme executive power – John 5:22-23

  3. Power to grant remissions and pardon – Acts 5:31

  4. Vast dominion – Matthew 28:18,m Revelation 1:18 over Heaven and Hell.

He has in His Hands

  1. The Kingdom of Grace.

  2. The Kingdom of Glory:

  3. The Kingdom of Providence

The Burden of His Government

  1. To purchase it.

  2. To war with the devil to recover it.

  3. To subdue sinners.

  4. To reconcile them with Heaven

  5. To protect and defend them

  6. To give provision in all things necessary for life and godliness.

  7. To have wise/whole management and conduct as they come through the wilderness, till they come into Heaven.

The Setting and Occasion for this Prince and Government

  1. Sinners need.

  2. The laying of this Government upon Him

  3. The power and authority laid upon Him.

  4. The burden of His government.

  5. The Receiving of the Governor of the Government

1B Let His Spirit be your guide and leader

2B Let His Word be your Rule.

3B Let His will be the determining point to you.


1B Receive him in your heart and spirit.

2B in your tongue.

3B in your practice.

4B in your place and condition in the world. Be content what’s carved out in you.

5B never go out of God’s way to mend your condition.

6B In changing your condition in life acknowledge Him for direction and guidance.


FIVE descriptive titles that tell us who and what the hoped for Messiah would be:

JESUS IS WONDERFUL In character, teaching and mission.

  1. For what He has been in the past

  2. For the incarnation.

  3. Trace the Savior’s course and all the way He is Wonderful.

  4. For what He is in the present

  5. For what He will be in the future

  6. Jesus would be a “wonder” due to His nature as the “God-man” Matthew 7:28; 25:1.

JESUS IS COUNSELLOR: Management in all matters.

On all advice we can act.

  • On all advice we can act.

  • A member of the cabinet-council of Heaven.

  • Of the church, by His word.

  • Full of wisdom: Proverbs 8; 1 Timothy 2:5-6; Psalms 49:7-8, Proverbs 11:14; Romans 11:34

  • Who never misses the point.

  • By His Word, confirms it by His providence, makes it effectual by His Spirit.

  • Communicating His wisdom by wise instruction.

  • It’s necessary, its needful, and its special.

  • The proverb writer states of God, “counsel is mind, and sound knowledge: I am understanding; I have might: Proverbs 8:14; Colossians 2:3, As well as priest and king, Jesus administers counsel. Zech. 6:13


  1. The Irradiation: i.e. He who give light to men

  2. The Illustrious: i.e. The Bright and Shining One

  3. He is God: i.e. He freed us from the bondage of sin.

  4. Why? He bare our sins. He wrought out a perfect righteousness, He converts the hardest heart. He supports the feeblest with grace. How? By His Grace. Binds up with His own hand, by His own spirit, with His own blood,

  5. He raised the dead, judges the world, destroy sin, gives eternal possession of Himself.

  6. Deity is depicted in the Messiah: Jeremiah 23:5-6


  1. The tender, faithful, and wise trainer, guardian, provider of His one in eternity

  2. He ever lives, He is life, He ever loves: Psalms 102:25-27; Hebrews 1:10-12

  3. The Possessor, originator, controller in all the eternal age.

  4. The administration of its whole affairs is in His hand.

  5. If the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to be the Mighty God, He then is of necessity the Everlasting Father; John 1:1. Jesus, our LORD ever shall be….


  1. Since sin separates man from God: Isaiah 59:1-2; and the work of jesus is reconciling man back to God through His sacrifice: Colossians 1:20l He is therefore called the prince of peace. Ephesians 2:17.


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