Charles e Whisnant Teaching and Preaching Sunday April 28, 2013


Preaching and Teaching is what I love to do best. I am grateful for the privilege that I can speak and teach from the Word of God.   Sunday Morning the message from Romans 9:9-13 was only 35 minutes long: this was a miracle,  I must admit I was just a little discourage. I know its not allowed.  Oh I had prepared a great message, but when I looked at the congregation I was a little bit  disappointed.  Knowing some were at another church, and some were sick, and some stayed home with family and that only left a hand full.  But I went ahead anyway and gave the message.  I was glad that I did because Romans 9 is a great book.

We had a good group back on Sunday Evening and if you put them together we had 95% of our regulars for the day, so how can I complain.  We had a good fellowship after the service and Bro. Bill Bower had a good message from I John 5.  

So how was the Revival last week.  Its only as good as we are revive and spiritual uplifted. Bro. Winston Hall brought five good messages.  Four on Law and Grace and the last one was on Hell. 

ROJBC Winston Charles Tie Wedns


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