Charles e Whisnant Study Research for Romans 9

Charles e Whisnant, Pastor/Teacher/Preacher

Research material for lessons from Romans 9

  1. Romans: Exposition of Chapter 9 God’s sovereign Purpose – D. Martyn Lloyd Jones

  2. The Complete Word Study New Testament: Spiros Zodhiates

    1. Coded to Strong’s Greek dictionary, introduction to each book, Exegetical notes, Grammatical codes of the trext. Lexical aids, Greek concordances,

  3. Hebrew and Greek Bible: Spiros Zodhiates: (personal bible of mine)

  4. MacArthur Commentary on Romans 9-16

  5. The Complete Biblical library: Ralph W. Harris Executive Editor

    1. 16 Volumes:Verse by verse commentary, Various versions, translation of Greek words,Textual apparatus, intertinear . 1984-1992.

  6. The New International Dictionary of New testament Theology Vol. Colin Brown

  7. Theological Dictionary of the New Testament by Geoffrey W. Bromiley

  8. An Exposition of Romans by Robert Haldane

  9. Wagram Englishman Greek Concordance of the New Testament

  10. The Biblical Illustrator: Romans Joseph S. Exell

  11. The Moody Handbook of Theology” Paul Enns

  12. Word Study in the New Testament Vol. 4 Epistles of Paul: A.T. Robertson

  13. Romans An Interpreetive Outline: David Steel and Curtis C. Thomas

  14. Twenty Translations of the New Testament : Curtis Vaughan

Books on my Kindle Fire:

  1. The Pulpit Commentary Vol. Romans

  2. Romans: Martin h. Franzmann

  3. Romans: David Guzik

  4. Romans: Roy E. Gingrich

  5. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: Osnova

  6. Zondervan Dictionary of Bible and Theology Words: Matthew S. DeMoss

  7. Holman N.T. Commentary: Max Anders

  8. Systematic Theology: Wayne Grudem

  9. Strong’s Dictionary of the Bible, Greek and Hebrew: James Strong

  10. Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary: W.E. Vine

  11. Interpreting the N.T. Text: Darrell l. Bock, Buist M. Fanning

  12. A History of the Jews: Paul Johnson


  1. What a great site. More resources and tools for study than you can ever use. If you no not know Greek, this site has the N.T. Greek Lexicon that helps you know the Greek word meaning. Also this site has commentary from a number of great writers

  2. Google: Romans. You will see a number of sites on the subject.

  3. Christian Classics Ethereal Libery is a great site for commentaries

  4. Charles Hodges

  5. John MacArthur, video sermon and notes

  6. Outstanding


  8. HCG Moule


  10. Robertson’s Word Pictures of the New Testatement.

  11. can find Charles Spurgeon’s sermons here

  12. C. Stedman great preaching

  13. Bible God Rules. A great stie for resources. Here Word Studies Romans 9 Vincent’s New Testament

  14. John Piper video sermons and notes, Outstanding for sure.

  15. I love “google image” great site for photos I used and then the site the photo is on.

This list really is just about endless. 

Back when I first taught Romans in 1982 I just had John MacArthur’s tapes, and my library of books.  Like Oliver B. Greene, John R. Rice, J. Vernon McGee, etc. I printed by hand my manuscript. Those days were great.

Today in 2010-2013 I am over whelmed with the material that is readily available to study.  There is no excuse to be ignorant  about the Word of God.

Well this is but a taste of sites available for study the Bible. I know you believed that the Lord sent an email each week with the sermon He wanted me to preach. Or you believed I just opened my bible up and read the scripture and studied and that was all I did.

I know many preachers don’t want you to see their notes, and want you to believe they just read the scripture, prayed and preached.  Maybe some can do that, but as of this date and time in my life I can not do that. The Holy Spirit seems to make me work at what I say, and then I have trouble saying it.


2 thoughts on “Charles e Whisnant Study Research for Romans 9

  1. Chad Beck says:

    Hey, Charles! Glad you asked me to comment. It looks like you have plenty of help in keeping you straight, as far as commentaries and other Bible helps goes. I use several different study helps, as well. Here is just a short synopsis of how I prepare each week.

    Monday: i am in seminary at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 8:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m. So, I do not do any sermon preparation at all on Monday’s.
    Tuesday: I read through the next passage I will preach on the Lord’s Day. I begin writing those verses out by hand and meditating and memorizing them. I find meditation and memorization “hides the word in my heart so I will not sin against thee.” Also, Tuesday is kinda of my day off, as far as office goes, except I meet with two other men at 2:30 who are perspective elders for accountability. I also do some reading for seminary.
    Wednesday: I am in my study working on an outline of the text I will preach on Sunday. I am still meditating and memorizing my text. I do this until lunch. After lunch I usually have counseling sessions until 3:00. After 3:00, I work on my thoughts for Bible study as we are studying “Biblical Theology” and we have prayer meeting.
    Thursday: I try to block out the entire day for digging and doing my exegetical work (reading commentaries and word studies) on my text. I already have a descent outline of my text, which I will preach. So, now I do my word studies, looking up phrases, and other themes I find in the text. I try to find what the original author is conveying to the original audience. I usually will hand write all of this work out. I am still meditating and memorizing my text as well.
    Friday: I am at the stage of my sermon preparation were I begin typing all my notes I have written. I am putting my outline together in manuscript form. Where I now save it in “dropbox” where I have it on my computer, Iphone, and IPad and able to access it from almost anywhere. I am still meditating and memorizing my text, although by now I have it memorized and burned in my heart to quote on the Lord’s Day.
    Saturday: I try to spend the day with family (although today we are going out door to door for our upcoming Spring Outreach. I also have a pre-marital counseling session at 1:00, then a our churches family fellowship at 5:00. This is an unusual Saturday. Saturday night I spend about a hour reviewing my notes and praying over them as well before bed.
    Sunday: I am up no later than 6:00 a.m. to go over my notes and to pray. All the while meditating and going over my verses again I will preach.
    **One thing I did not write in each step is bathing all of what I do in prayer. For if God does not bless it, it is a waste of time.

    I am preaching through Ephesians, here are a few helps off the top of my head that I am using:
    Crossway Commentary on Ephesians by Charles Hodge. J.I. Packer
    Matthew Henry
    Hendrickson on Ephesians
    John MacArthur
    John Calvin
    John Gill
    Jono Sims (Pastor of Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church, Shelbyville, TN)
    A.T. Robertson
    Vincent Word Studies
    Zondervan Interlinear Greek/English
    Quickverse Bible Software

    • Charles e Whisnant says:

      Thanks Chad, those authors are the ones I really like as well. All except Jone Sims who I don’t know. I loved preaching Ephesians and I used a lot of resources as well. b

      Your schedule of study is amazing for sure. I not sure that I have been that good. Having to preach 4 times a week that has kept be busy. But I love the way you are working on a sermon(s). I am sure seminary will also give you some good information on study too. I know the longer I have taught the easier it is to get a sermon ready.

      Thanks a lot, looking forward to seeing you some time.


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