Christ is our Hope In Any Events in Life


I have not seen an event in our lives that we could not go to the Lord. How do we do that? How does the Lord provide for us His care?  What has He provided? 

Over the last 55 years of my life, I might have just taken for granted the wonderful grace  of God’s grace. He has protect me in way that I am sure I am not aware of.  While I have gone through events that I would not have chosen to go,  and choices that I should not have taken,  all of my life has been in the view of the Lord. How that is happening I am not really sure.  The seeing eyes of the Lord!  That would be a good topic to review.

As I walk and live in this life, there are so many events that are going on around us, and most we are not aware of.  How did the people in Boston this week at the Boson Marathon  every think they would be so close to a bomb that would go off.  The stood there watching the runners pass their way and next to them were the persons who had planted the home made bomb. This violent crime spree across Boston this week was so unexpected on the the people that day. The two teenagers who are said to be responsible  were living in the Boston area going to Boston’s schools.  They lived next to those who might have been on the streets that day that the bomb went off.

We live in a fallen world, we live where the prince of the air is the devil.  We live in a world of sinners that have been left to their own devices (Romans 1) 

With all the churches and all the preaching and all the Christians we still have so much sinfulness.  With all the effort by Christians to change the society that they live in, it seems that our society is getting worst and worst. 

Then on the other hand we have the explosion in W. Texas at the fertilizer plant where at least 160 people were injured.  

	A person looks on as emergency workers fight a house fire after a near by fertilizer plant exploded Wednesday, April 17, 2013, in West, Texas. (AP Photo/ Waco Tribune Herald, Rod Aydelotte)

Firefighters check a destroyed apartment complex near the fertilizer plant that exploded.

The blast inside the West Fertilizer factory 80 miles south of Dallas.  Volunteer firefighters were on sight.

Saundra Temple text me and said  that Loretta Fisher’s brother is the plant manager and was also a volunteer fireman. And Cody is missing still as of this time. (Loretta is a friend of Saundra who was at their house).

Two events, one event was done on purpose and the other event was not on purpose. 


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