GOD’S Promise-Plan Outline Notes



GENESIS (From the beginning to about 2150BC)

Study by Charles e Whisnant

Genesis 1 to 11

1A The Structure and Purpose of Genesis

1B “This is the generation or account of…” 11 times

1C A continuum from creation of Adam’s line, Noah’s, Shem, Terah.

2B God’s goodness in extending His “blessings” of the promise-plan so generously

3B The Theology of Genesis is blessing used 88 times

4B Provides the broadest, most universal and cosmic setting for the total promise-plan of God.

5B These blessings are expressed in the these covenants

1C Edenic

2C Noachic

3C Abrahamic

6B Pre-patriarchal Narrative 12:22,28

Strategic points in the narrative: 5:2, 9:1

Conclusion: 12:1-3

7b There is much more than just humanity given. Principally, that they would also receive the coming Man of promise.

8B The events of God’s gift of blessing with humanity’s revolt.

1C The Fall Promise of a seed: 3:15

2C The Flood Promise of God’s dwelling in Shem’s tent 9

3C The Flop of the tower of Babel Promise worldwide blessing

9B The humanity’s continual rejection of these divine blessings in a doctrine of works.


1B Ten times: “And God said.” Creation: the result of the dynamic word of God. As in Psalms 33:6,9.

2B God who created, and the method He used was His Word. But word-creation stresses more than method. It emphasizes that creation was in accordance with God’s knowledge as embodied in His word.
1C Genesis 1 -2 An absolute beginning or merely a relative beginning?

2C God “created”. “form” “mold” “to make.” Isaiah 45:18.

1D Theistic evolution is not possible.

3B That God initiated the creation process out of nothing other than His word.


1C “Days.” The book by Paulin Bedard “In Six Days God Created.”

1D “24” hours” or “three times of Days” by Keiser.

5B Adam and Eve: 1:26; and 2:4-7 Second creation story. Humanity’s vitality was a direct gift from God. Both originated from the hand of God. Both equally shared in the highest gift given to any of the orders of creation: the image of God. Colossians 3:10, Ephesians 4:24


1B All creatures of sea nad air were bequeath with reproductive capabilities and given a divine mission. 1:22

1C The gift of the image of God. 1:22, 26, 28.

2C A ruler exercising authority in a colony on behave of a sovereign.

2B 2:3 The day is called the Sabbath.

1C A division between His work of creation and all the providential work of God..

1D Sabbath:

2D “It is done” Psalms 22:31, John 19:30: Redemption promised and redemption accomplished.

3D “It is done” of Revelation 21:6: History and Earth.


  • 1B The background: The test for humanity’s obedience and free decision to follow the Creator.
  • 2B The “serpent” factor. His “form”. And his fated: “crawl on your belly: 49:17; Job 20:14, 16.
  • 3B The “serpent was not a surrogate for someone else. He knew the possible alternatives and eventualities that would come from eating the fruit.

4B To Eve he was a person and not one of the animals.

5B The deception worked its trick. Eve succumbed to the heavy pressure and cunning argumentation of the tempter himself.

6B THE FIRST FAILURE: of three selected by the writer of Genesis for theological reflection set the scene for a new word of divine blessings. If any blessing was to come from any place, it would be from God.

1C A prophetic word of judgment and deliverance:

1D The serpent, the woman and the man: 3:14-19

2D CONSEQUENTLY, the woman, man, serpent, and ground would f feel the effects of the fall.


1C God would deliver a lethal blow to the head of Satan.

2C The “blessing” of God’s promise-plan to humankind did continue.

1D The genealogy of the ten most significant men Genesis 5

2D Humankind was blessed in the fields: 4:1-2

3B The selection of twenty men plotted the progress of that “seed” promised to Eve as well as the agents of that blessing for their contemporaries.


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