God Has An Opinion On This Issue of Sexual Perference

Response to Celebrity Parents Speaking On Behavior Of Their Gay Children

This is not a smear campaign against those who want to hold to the position of being a lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual. 

God's Opinion that is yoursSome people will just say “That is your God’s opinion not mind.”

But we who hold to God’s opinion or perspective on sexual behavior we yield to His wisdom on these matters.  How we are to thank is based upon God’s wisdom not ours.  If mankind had obeyed the principles that God had set forth for mankind to live by we would not be in the condition that we find ourselves in today.

God's opinion only matters

NBA legend Magic Johnson son CAME OUT to express he was a homo.  For Dad, he stands with his son.  Magic has no problem with this son’s choice.  They fully support him.  He just wants to provide him with advice and guidance.

How is a parent to react to the news that there son says he wants to have sex with a man, or is in love with a man?  Well I am sure there are many ways to react.  How does a Christian parent react to that decision.  Well if the young boy is 13 years old there is something a parent such do, if he is 20 years old then there is not much you can do.

We as Christians need to seek ‘God’s opinion or His perspective. We are not to draw our own opinion on any subject for that matter.  There are 100’s of decisions that our family makes that need to be view in light of God’s point of view.

The current society has no fear of God, they see God as one who has no authority over their lives, and they see the Bible as another book with little value as to how they are to live their lives.

As a parent I could not support any of my children or anyone for that matter if they said they were homosexual.  Any more than I could support them in any other lifestyle that was not good. But does this mean I could not love them? No.  I would love them just the same.  But love does not require that we support their bad behavior, wrong behavior or habits that is not good for them.

Yes we are seeing celebrity parents speaking out of their children becoming or coming out. I am not even a celebrity pastor.

So you might ask? Why has God allowed mankind to behave  the way they do? And we do teach God is sovereign.  I was reading Romans 1, taught on this chapter too.  What I learn is when men refused to obey God, he allowed them to turn to their own lust and behavior.

Its plain in Scripture that homosexuality is in God’s eyes wrong sexual behavior.

So you may argue, “Aren’t some born with a different sexual preference?”  From what I can understand of Romans chapter one, God has allowed mankind to be give over to their preferences.  I don’t know if there is a DNA or  Genes that would make you think you were attracted to the opposite sex or get you to thank you are what you were born to be.

I know some in our society are trying to make us believe there is a DNA that causes a person to be what he believe he is.  And I am sure society believe that is true.

What we have in our society is God’s allowing manking to be what their lust has become because they have reject Him as their Lord and Savior, and have rejected His wisdom and counsel.

The love between a man and a man and the love between a woman and a woman is not the issue. It is what the individual does with the love. Every person needs to seek God’s opinion on the subject.

God's opinion vs. man's

Many cases of homosexuality originate because of a deviation in the actual physical and mental make up of the individual. It is a malfunction, so to speak. It is no different than someone who is born with a visible physical defect or someone whose eyes will not focus properly requiring them to wear glasses. It is neither punishment, nor a gift from God.

The feeling of wanting a same-sex partner is no different than a married man or woman who feels the desire to be with people of the opposite sex who are not their partners. Every person has desires of some kind that are not in line with God’s will. The desire itself is not a sin, it is what we allow to happen with the desire.

Sin is sin. Stealing a car is stealing and taking a paper clip from work is stealing. There are no “degrees” of sins. A “little white lie” is still a lie.

Sexual sin is sexual sin. Having sex with someone of the same sex is sexual sin. . Having sex with someone who is not your spouse is sexual sin. Forcing sex upon your spouse or causing your spouse pain during sex is sexual sin. Just because you have a desire to engage in sexual behavior does not mean you should.

This is the sum and substance  all this.  My opinion has to  changed to line up with what the Lord has shown us in this Word.  It is not necessary for you to give me your comments or opinions on the issue of homosexuality. Your opinions are your opinions. If your opinion does not line up with God’s opinion then it isn’t even worth your spending time giving it. You need to seek God’s opinion yourself.  I know what He showed me.  You need to find out what He wants to show you.

Opinions–everyone has one!


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