Seek To Know The Will Of God

Bible Study Wedn 03 27 13

How can we know the will of God for our daily living? I always said “Know the Lord Jesus Christ personally and now Him. You get to know the will of God by knowing what He as expressed in the Bible as to what is His will for us.


We as Christian believers have what the lost person who does not believe in Christ as His Lord and Saviour, we have within us His Spirit.  Whereas the unbeliever has a soul, and body and even a mind and emotions to make choices. He makes choices on his emotions, his will and his best ability.  Where as Believers can seek out the will of God for our choices. 

I think we should first seek to do the will of the Father in all our choices no matter what choices are set before us.  So how do we do that? First know the principles of the Word of ?God.  How does the Bible tell us to make wise decisions and choices in life? One only need to read the Proverbs to know that.


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