Are We True To Our Belief In Face of the Current Climate?

Charles e Whisnant  Pastor/Teacher/Shepherd

Charles e Whisnant Pastor/Teacher/Shepherd


Christians are being inconsistent with their beliefs to accept the moral statements in the Old Testament while not practicing other ones.  The moral laws in the Old Testament like homosexuality is still true today. Marriage was design by God and should follow God’s will in marriage.  Marriage in God’s eyes are male and female. I think we see that in Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, I don’t think we see in scripture male and male as a marriage norm.

We as Christians need to keep our belief in tact. I don’t believe God’s laws in moral issues has changed.  While in the Old Testament He ruled by Law and in the New Testament He rules by Grace. Thank goodness because w all have broken many of the moral laws that would be punishment by death.

The Supreme Court of the land does not make the moral laws for God.  They are to interpret the U>S> Constitution.




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