The Approach to Being A Pastor/Teacher/Shepherd and Overseer to the Lord’s Flock

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I have been up this morning since 3:45 a.m. and have been reviewing a number of websites and researching on this mini series “THE BIBLE”. If the Lord willing, I am going to address this series tonight in Bible Study at 6:30 p.m.

Sometimes I am quick to speak and write before I do a more in-depth study of the subject at hand.  I am challenged to research and find the right answers to the subject at hand.

I am confident in teaching the word of God but in matters of the culture sometimes I am a little less confident as to what to say.  Of course sometimes I am quick to say what I think too.

Generally I have had little problem with just coming out and stating my belief.  I am quick to say SIN is SIN.

And as a Pastor/Teacher/Shepherd over the Flock that God has made me the Overseer (Acts 20) I am supposed to lead the church into holiness and righteousness and obedience.

In my earlier years in ministry I believed that I was supposed tell the flock just how to live holy and be obedient.  You know, cut your hair men, and women don’t cut your hair, kind of thing.  What to watch on TV if you were even to watch TV.  Don’t go to movies and don’t dance on Saturday night. And make sure you don’t read those devil versions of the Bible. You know the kind of preaching that the Independent Fundamental Baptist Preachers will do.

Then after going to the Shepherd’s Conference  at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. in 1982 I changed my ideas about preaching and how to preach and what to preach.

Bible Researcher

Let the Bible speak for itself on issues.  When I began a series from Matthew and Romans I was forced to teach from the book, chapter and verses.  I was forced to try to say what the writer was saying when he said it.  I found that some verses did not say anything about TV and wearing a tie to church. That was a shock for sure.  Now what am I going to preach about? How am I going to get the flock to live right and be obedient and be holy?  To go a whole sermon without mentioning SIN was a new challenge.

Then I discovered that I was not the Holy Spirit trying to get people to do what I believe they were to do. My preaching was to be what the chapter said and then leave the results up to the Holy Spirit to direct the Flock in the way the Holy Spirit desired. That was different.

Charles hands and bible 2013

I thought that at the end of the sermon I was to do my best to persuade the Flock to come to the altar and get their lives right with God.  I would have a good song ready and I would get people to raise their hands (well I didn’t do that much) and then come to the altar.   If someone did not come I was a failure I thought.

Pastor shepherd

Well that all changed with a new view of my position as a pastor/teacher/and shepherd of the flock.

John MacArthur can be credited for this new approach to preaching and teaching.  He said that our responsibility is to teach the Word of God in the context of the text that we are teaching.  And do the best we can to explain the text.  This required a little study you know.  I was to give the Flock what the Bible was saying and not what I wanted them to know about living life.  This called for 80% interpretation of the text and then 10% or more application of what the text was telling us.

I am supposed to believe that the content of Matthew, Romans, Acts, I Corinthians, Philippians, Ephesians and Revelation (books that I have taught) are what God wants the Flock to know.  Here I thought I knew more than the Bible on how to live. (kidding, dry sense of humor). I thought I was saying what the Bible was saying.

There is a difference I learned from what I would say and what the Scripture is saying.  This is called Biblical Counseling I learned. “Let’s see if we can see and learn what the Scripture is saying about this matter at hand.”  That was a new approach I might add.

Well I could go on with this but that was not the purpose of this blog.


BIble TV series

“Pastor Charles what do you think about the History Channel’s mini series “THE BIBLE?”   (wordpress does not have color or highlight)

In the two previous posts I tried to answer that. But upon further review and study I think I have a better answer.  “Which would be…. Pastor Charles?)  I am getting there but it will be a little later today. Maybe at the Bible study time tonight March 20th at Rivers of Joy Baptist at 6:30 p.m.

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