Our Position on the Current Issues of Today


The Bible teachings that we should be as Christians like Christ in our attitude and actions.  Christ had much to say about Christian living.  Christ went into the Temple had something to say about the way the priest were acting as priest.

Bible pen hand

What I am learning about “Christians” they have not been taught the word of God.  They believe what every society is telling them.

Of example: Marriage is a biblical term.  God started marriage. Man and and Woman. There is no biblical marriage where there is not a man and a woman.

The society may say two people of the same sex can be married in the eyes of the state, but they are not married in the eyes of God.

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As a Pastor/Teacher I cannot biblical marry same sex couples. I can not accept same sex couple into the church membership.  I can not accept any persons who openly says they are active in the homosexual lifestyle.

What I can do to those who openly say they are in a homosexuality lifestyle is to tell them they are living in sin according to the Bible. As I would say to those who are living together without been married.

Luke 2 Jesus at the Temple

Our church door is open for sinners of any kind to visit our church.  They are welcome to come and set and listen to the preaching of the Word of God.  The preaching that I preach is from the Word of God as it was written by the Holy Spirit.  I don’t believe the Bible has been made to fit anybody’s lifestyle.  I don’t change my sermons by who is present.    My hope would be that the Holy Spirit would bring conviction on any one who is in the worship service.

Charles 05 22 SS

If God had the Bible written today in our society he would not change what he said when the Bible was first written

There was a time in our country that these issues would never have to be spoken of. Sin of all kinds have been around since the days of Adam and Noah and Moses, and Abraham. But today we have groups who are saying that the Bible is so outdated about issues of today.  Now today even Christians say they believe the Bible is so outdated.

bible study f

Yes the Bible does say what sin is an is not, but if the bible was written today it would not be sin: some are saying.

When I was growing up, many of these issues were not even thought of, so we did not have to deal with it.

100_0554 100_0553

I used to say, we need to preach Christ, and the gospel and salvation and then all would be okay.  But what I am hearing today, those who say they are Christians believe what the Bible calls sin is not sin today. So not only do we have to preach the gospel but we have to preach what that means.


Gay Students Say They Feel Threatened By Chick-fil-A’s Presence, But School Board Votes Vendor Can Stay – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/blog/joe-schoffstall/gay-students-say-they-feel-threatened-chick-fil-presence-school-board-votes#sthash.y7yihHL6.dpuf

Gay Rights Advocates File Briefs with SCOTUS Opposing Prop 8, DOMA: ‘View of Marriage Has Evolved’

(CNSNews.com) – Ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in challenges to California’s ban on same-sex marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act in late March, a coalition of homosexual advocates held a press conference Thursday to announce numerous friend-of-the-court briefs to be filed by Thursday’s deadline.

One of those speaking in support of same-sex marriage at the Respect for Marriage Coalition event on Thursday was the Rev. Scott Slater, who speaks for the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, which filed a brief opposing DOMA. He said the way marriage is perceived has “evolved.”

“Clearly our view of marriage has evolved over thousands of years since the time when women were considered property and a man could own as many of them as he could afford, either as wives or slaves,” Slater said.

Slater said repealing DOMA is a “moral imperative.”

“It’s time to act against this act,” Slater said.

In a press release distributed at the press conference, the coalition claimed that more than 100 “conservatives and Republicans” have signed on to briefs opposing Prop 8 and DOMA.

One of those is former Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe, who served as a representative from Arizona from 1985 to 2003. Kolbe “came out” as a homosexual in 1996 – the same year he voted in support of DOMA.

“As a Republican, I believe in protecting individual freedoms and that everyone – including gay and lesbian Americans – has a Constitutional right to be treated equally under the law,” Kolbe said.

Some of the other Republicans named as signing on to opposition briefs are Mary Cheney, Mary Bono Mack, David Frum, Stephen Hadley, Jon Huntsman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), Christine Todd Whitman and Meg Whitman.

gay familyAt a press conference on Feb. 28, 2013 in support of overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8, from left, Mike Neubecker, his wife Janice, the couple’s gay son’s partner, David Neubecker, and Braiden Neubecker, one of two children David and Lee Neubecker adopted. (CNSNews.com/Penny Starr)

Also at the press conference was a couple and their son’s gay partner and the 10-year-old daughter the two men adopted. Mike Neubecker referred to 10-year-old Braiden Neubecker as his granddaughter and read from a letter he said she wrote about her experience living with “two dads.”

“Before I lived with my two dads, my life was horrible,” her letter stated. “My old family never treated me well. They wouldn’t stand up for me. When my foster sister fought with me, my old mom would just sit there and watch me get hurt so I would have to fight back.

“Each time I was at a foster home, the foster parents promised me they would keep me safe and treat my brother and I equally,” she said in the letter. “But they always broke their promise.

“I moved five times until my dad and daddy found me,” her letter added. “They also promised that they would always love me and keep me safe and would treat me equal with my brother.

“I was 4 when I met them,” she said in the letter. “Now I am 10, and they have kept their promises. They do so much for me. They never hurt me or my brother. I feel so safe.

“I believe I can do anything with my two dads,” her letter stated. “Would there be any purpose to ban the marriage of two men or two women when they can treat children the same or even better than other couples?”

Neubecker said of his son Lee and his partner David, who also adopted Braiden’s brother, “In their children’s eyes they’re married.”

– See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/gay-rights-advocates-file-briefs-scotus-opposing-prop-8-doma-view-marriage-has-evolved#sthash.2oCNqhP4.dpuf


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