Is Christianity Being Marginalize in our Public Form?


Christianity will not fall or rise on whether or not Football players like Tim Tebow speak at First Baptist Church in Dallas.But what we are seeing again, is who will be able to speak and who will not be able to speak freely.  Tim Tebow is not a preacher, but claims to be a Christian. And as a Christian he should be able to speak where he wants to speak.  But as we are learning, the Christian cultural is getting marginalize. Some want to prevent anybody to speak at any event where they hold views different than what they have. If you have a view that does not fit into the current culture than you are not allowed to speak at that event.  If the place you are to speak holds views that is not political correct than you are not allowed to speak there either.

A pastor  was not allow to pray due to what he preached 20 years ago at the Presidential event, and a football player was encouraged to not speak at a church that had views not in line with some groups.  We have a problem in America once again. But Christianity will not fall or rise on what some people or don’t do.  God is still going to accomplish His purposes.

What is  interesting the “gay” side wants to display their very best people in public to show they are normal. But they want to prevent  Christians away from the center of attention, or influence or power. They speak with two fork tongue. 


Over the last 2000 years the established agreement  of the Christian Church has been set.

Now the views that the church has had for 2000 years cannot be tolerated.  To marginalize any church for holding views that has been around for 2000 years is to marginalize Christianity, itself.

As it has been written in several blogs, “It means that the tolerance police have finally achieved their ironic end – – the intolerance of Christianity in American culture.”

As I think back over the years we have said, “Well we would not speak in churches that don’t agree with our Christian views.”  We are famous of making statements like that.  If they are not the right kind of Baptist we will not speak in that church.  We criticize any pastor who would speak at a church that does not hold our views.  Example: Why would John Piper allow Rick Warren to speak at his church. Others would say, why would Rick Warren speak at John Pipers church. So we are guilty too.

But what we are seeing,  the moral views of the last 2000 years been challenged.  What Christians and non Christians have viewed together now they are been challenged.  Even Christians are viewing what the Bible clearly states as wrong as okay. 

Keep your views in your church and don’t take your views into a public discourse. And now if the church has views different than the current “groups” have you can’t speak in that church? 

Its amazing how a few groups can change the majority of people thinking. 

They want us to have tolerance of their lifestyle and beliefs but they are intolerance of our views.  Some groups want the influence of Biblical Christianity out of the public form. They want to change what God said 4000 years ago as been outdated. 

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