Getting People To Believe and Apply Right Christian Living

Getting People to Believe and Apply and Think Right about Christian Living:

Through the Teaching of the Word of God


Why do we see people who can quote what they say they believe and then turn around and act totally differently?  If you would live half the way you say you believe you would be living right. Train your mind to believe what you know to be true.  The truth that is arrived by a knowledge of the Word of God provides you with the ability to, not only think right but to believe right; thus you are able to apply what you believe to any situation that you are in.  Train your mind to react to what you have learned from the principles of the Word of God. 

Know this, as a Christian, a believer, you have within you the Holy Spirit; you have the Word of God; and you have the ability to hear the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. You are without excuse to learn how to live and think according to the principles set forth in God’s Word.    Stop and think right. 

BUT my personal belief is the only way all this is going to happen is if the Holy Spirit does a work in you that you can’t do yourself.

The Holy Spirit will incorporate into your mind the very faith to believe the truth. To live objectively rather than subjectively is the means to live faithfully to what you believe.

Objectively: without being influenced by personal feelings, without bias, accurately: on the basis of fact, experience, or some measurable quality. 

Subjectively:  based on somebody’s opinions or feelings rather than facts or evidence.  Of course that’s only my subjective impression. Synonyms:  Personally, individually, one-sidedly, instinctively, intuitively.

What we believe in our heads needs to be lived out in our lives.

But know this: if you have lived in disobedience to what you know is right, then you are going to suffer the results that will lead to a disrupted life.  You can’t expect to have a stress-free life when you have created the life you are in.  If for example: due to poor judgment you had your arm cut off, you can expect difficulty. But what you can do is begin to realize this and make the very best effort to deal with the difficulty. 

I think what happens is when we make poor choices that end up being very bad, we often expect good things to happen.  Even when we think something good has happened as a result of our poor choices there is still going to be difficulty as a result of those choices. Thus we need to realize that and adjust our thinking to that.

If you live to the best of your ability, then you can expect the best.  God will fulfill His promises to supply us with all we need to live according to his principles. 

If we think according to the Word, we can train our mind to help us act out what we know is true. But what I believe is only as the Holy Spirit gives us the grace, power, understanding and strength can we even begin to live and behave as unto the Lord. 

We need to realize God is Lord, Jesus Christ is our example, and the Holy Spirit is our power within us.


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