Charles e Whisnant Study and Office

THE LIBRARY OFFICE as of December 2012

These books I have had sense the days in FBC in Altoona, Kansas. 1980-1996. (Left side of the room)

In 2003 I was able to get on the Internet for the first time, and I spent the next three years studying on Reformed Theological Website. I studied 50 major doctrines during this time.  I then downloaded 50 3-ring binders of articles on these 50 doctrinal subjects.  Also viewed hundreds of websites of churches.  In all there must me 200 3 ring binders of material from this period of time.

100_1143 100_1144 100_1145

The binders on the back wall are from days in FBC in Altoona, Kansas. And on the top of the book shelf are the binders for the sermons preached in FBC. (above view)


The front wall in the library room are the 3-ring binders that have the sermons from Romans, Philippians, Creation, The Bible You Hold In Your Hand and other sermons preached here at Rivers of Joy Baptist Church in 2008 to present 2012100_1149

Very blessed to have these two rooms for my work.

Below is the  office I use for counsel and study



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