Spiritual Growth Provided for Rivers of Joy Baptist Church Members

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Sunday October 28 2012

We have a great time at ROJBC.  We have a group of people who seem to love the Lord and love fellowship with each other. They have a desire to hear the teaching of the word of God. They love to hear good singing, and they like to sing.

While it is true that almost all of our families struggle like most families do these days with problems and trails and temptation and they continue to seek to come and worship the Lord and most enjoy serving in the ministry of the church.

We like all churches have some who seen to fail in their trails and temptations and suffering.  Some have a very hard time applying the teaching and principles of the word of God.

We have another group of folks who seek to learn and apply and become strong in their Christian life.

Every church has these groups of people in their membership.  The desire of every Elder/Pastor as an under-shepherd desires to see spiritual growth and to see their personal lives strong.  Every one of us face usually on a daily basis difficulties that can and does bring stress in our lives.  Every Christian living, lives  in a world of people who do not love the Lord and who are struggling in their own lives.  We all have family members who are living in sin, living in disobedience, having troubles and trails that directly effect our lives.

We all face situations in our lives that bring us to a point of challenge to keep our faith.  We can face our challenges with strength or weakness.  We can either success or fail in our efforts by how we approach our challenges or trails or temptation, or difficulties in life.

As a Pastor/Elder/Shepherd our desire is to present weekly in our sermons and lessons principles from the word of God that will help guide members in their approach to living as a Christian in a fallen world.  Living the Christian life period is a challenge.  But we are called to live Christ like daily in holiness and righteousness. Thus Christ has provided the means whereby we can walk in the path of holiness and we can respond right in a fallen world.  But each of use has to focus on the truth that is set before us.  We have to live on purpose and with a purpose that is biblical at all cost.

We have to seek to learn and practice on purpose what we have been taught in the word of God daily.

We need to tune in daily to the Holy Spirit. We need to practice the presence of the Holy Spirit. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to have control in our lives, in our mind as we walk daily with Christ.

We our not meant to live along, we have been given the Holy Spirit as our counselor and guild in living out the Christ like life.  We have been given Pastors-Teachers so we can learn the Word of God., We are to listen with purpose to the Under-shepherds that the Lord has given us.

As Pastor of ROJBC I have tried to provide our people with as much help as I possible can for them to live the Christian life.  We have several websites available to give some good articles on Christian life.  We video our messages in four services each week (most of the time) and them put them on either Vimeo or YouTube to be viewed during the week.  We give out weekly notes and outlines of the messages and lessons each week to help people have in their hands.

So in reality there is little excuse for your members not to have resources to learn the Word of God.

Take advantage of these resources.


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