John Calvin Was Right About Election


Too often people who are not well prepared in scripture will say when they hear about Election and that God elected those unto salvation, that then does that mean God elects others to hell.

To elect someone to Heaven is not the same as saying the others are elected to Hell.

Why?  All mankind are sinners and as a result of sin all man are directed toward Hell.

Its only when God by His grace elects many unto salvation that any would escape Hell.

God would be just as just if he didn’t elect anyone.

I know you are saying, that God doesn’t elect but that man makes the decision about his own fate.  In a sense that is true, because man does make the decision to reject Christ.

So the question is, why do man reject Christ,  and can they on their own receive Christ?

We believe that man because of Adam’s sin became a sinner without the ability to respond toward God in a spiritual sense.  And therefore he can not on this own respond to Christ as Savior because his nature will not  respond. So what happens?

We believe through our study of Romans that only God can intervene in behave of man and make it possible for him to be save and receive forgiveness and justification.

While some say that all mankind have the ability if they so desire to respond to Christ and they respond on their own to the Holy Spirit and the preaching of the Gospel. IF the preaching is good and the invitation is done well, than man could come to his senses and want to be save.

The problem we have with this doctrine of election is our own feelings and thinking what we want God to do in the case of salvation. We can’t get our mind around the idea that God does the choosing and that he does it by his won chose. That does not fit our understanding. Therefore we believe its not right. Well some believe his I do not.

Scripture does seem to be clear that God has the right to do what He wants.  So I believe I will go with God.

Oh you say were are the verses for your thinking? I know there are many, but what I have learned two people can quote the same verse and have two opinion of the same verse.





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