Charles e Whisnant begins fifth year at Rivers of Joy Baptist Church

August 2008 officially became pastor/teacher of Rivers of Joy Baptist Church. Now we begin our fifth year as Pastor/Teacher.  The last four years I have taught about 700 lessons. We have 208 services a year and I speak about 175 times.

While I certainly have enjoyed teaching in the book of Romans and Philippians, and now Luke, the book of Daniel and topical on Prayer, Spiritual Gifts, the book of Proverbs, and Genesis 1-3. I want to stay fresh each week.

I prepare each week notes/outline of each sermon I teach, which sometimes is four lessons a week.

Also recording the messages on a simple digital camera each week.  Then I take the  video home and put the lesson on Vimeo and YouTube.  It does take time for this task. but I really enjoy doing this.

Then there is the preparation of each sermon. I prepare each lesson, usually by typing the lesson.

I know most of my time has been in these area of ministry.  I am with our people three times a week, and teaching four times a week.  The fellowship with them is generally in church.

We have a group of people who come in all the services. We have now a wonderful group of people who come to learn the Word of God and do desire to be faithful in their Christian living.

And in theses four years we have had our Assoc. Pastor Bill Bower who has been a blessing for the four years that we have been here.  Then Johnny Edwards have also been singing for us in all four years.  The Bob Temple who was responsible for us becoming pastor has been with us also for the whole time.

I might also say these folks have been too. M/M Grant, M/M Dawkins, M/M Ramey, Ms Fields,  Mr. Lemaster, Ms Tumberson, and others who have come since we have been here.

I am not sure how you would address just how much success we have had.  There are of course disappointments for sure.  We have not seen new people come, we have not seen people saved,  we have had a number of visitors come.  But what we do have is a very loving group of believers.  Yes there have been some struggles along the way, but I believe we have come to the place where w are a strong spiritual group of people.


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