What Should A Church Do When They Dismiss A Pastor?

What Should A Church Do When They Dismiss A Pastor?

I have been asked to leave the church I was serving in on several occasion, but never for sinful behavior. Where I was the Assoc. Pastor the Pastor would ask me to leave and told me to get out of town within two weeks.  Really that is true.

In one church, when this happen the deacons said, “How can our pastor tell someone to leave the church when he has not done nothing wrong?”


My answer to this question would be: “Why would you not apply the Matthew 18 chapter: Church Discipline. Should not the Pastor have the same process as any other member of the church?  I would believe so.

In our church in Kansas we had a man who came to town and was living with is wife’s sister. He and she joined our church, without our knowledge of his living arrangements.

Once we found out, we didn’t tell him to get out of town, we applied church discipline.  Long story by the way.  By point is, we applied Matthew 18.

So are you saying that if a pastor has been involved in some kind of sinful acts that you should go through the Church discipline process and keep him as the pastor?

Good question:  First: the elders or deacons should address the issues with the Pastor to get the facts.  Secondly: I don’t believe its Biblical to run a person out of town or out of the church without due process.  (I have never here this argument before)

We are to restore one back into the fellowship of the Lord in the first place.  So what sin would you say you would tell a person to leave the church without the Matthew 18 process?  I would say there is no sin that you should tell a person to leave the church without due process of Matthew 18.

Of course what the elders do is try to get the pastor to resign for the better of the church. To that I say trash. Its wrong biblically to drop your responsibility in dealing with it rightly.

I think it wrong to dismiss a pastor just because you don’t like his delivery, or that he doesn’t smile enough, or he does not win soul every week. But that is another post.

Here is what I am saying. You discover that your pastor is doing something moral wrong, or that he is involved in sinful actions: What do you do?  Matthew 18 process.  You don’t ask him to leave the church for the sake of the church.

I have been asked to leave the church by the pastor and said, leave without blaming me, its best for the church. Trash again.  He is wanting to keep his job.  Sorry about that.

So are you staying that Jack Scapp should not have been ask to leave the church?


Are you saying the FBC Deacon should not have fired him?

Photo of the new 7,500 seat building. Remember you can have 15,000 members and only 7500 show up.



This is an extreme case at FBC, this has been going on since the last pastor was there.  This was the cast with the pastor’s son and not the son-in-law.  But that as it may be. I again believe in the Matthew 18 process .  I know there was a cover up in FBC (I attended there by the way, went to school for a time there)  and that is totally wrong.  They wanted to get it right this time so the were quick to fire the current pastor. But again with that said, they should try to restore him.

Goodness I hate to see any, and any church that has to deal with this, but that it must do.


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