Quiz for August 08 2012


1A    Three most often misapplied verses in the New Testament are:
________________   _____________________   ________________________
2A    True or  False    All that happen you are good?
3A    True or False:    Gods’ good for us is not our comfortability but our conformity to Christ.
4A    True or False:    Is the Bible just a bunch of fragmented stories and letters on religion written by a lot of   different people,
5A    True or False:    When it comes to reading the Bible we can ignore parts we don’t think is important.
6A    True or False;    We should dodge the challenges of Scripture. Like election, and Heaven and Hell.
7A    True or False:    We should ignore unpleasant parts of the Bible: Wars and Killings and stabbings.
8A    True or False:    There are really no non-essential parts in the Bible.
9A    True or False:     A person doesn’t have to read the whole Bible or properly understand everything it teaches to be saved.  You don’t have to learn to appreciate all of it to be loved by God and to love Him.  But the Bible is a unit, a single Book written by a single Author with a single Purpose
10A    True or False:    The announcement of the birth of Christ in Luke 1 is the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15.

11A    The angel who appeared to Mary name was: ______________.
12A    God sent this angel to what state and city: ________________ _______________.
13A    How long did it take the Angel to TRAVEL from Heaven to the town where Mary was? _______
14A    True or False:  Mary was most likely 12 years old when the Angel appeared to her.
15A    True or False:  Jews law said at a girl could be married before she was “betroth”.
16A    True or False;    Its true that you can pray to Mary and she will hear your prayer and take it to Jesus.
17A    True or False;    Prophecy is really more than just to satisfy our curiosity concerning the future
18A    The last days mention in Isaiah 2 begin with  ____________________.
19A    The mountain of the Lord’s House shall be establish where.__________________
20A    The practice of interpretation is known as ____________________.

NAME: __________________________________________


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