The Hyles-Schaap Fall and Fallacies


I was not necessary shocked at the news from First Baptist Church of Hammond IND;

The late Jack Hyles to the left.

Megachurch pastor Jack Schaap of First Baptist Church of Hammond in Indiana has been fired for an undisclosed “sin” and it has been revealed that the church and an affiliated college is being investigated by local authorities as well as the FBI. An extra-marital affair, possibly with a teenager, might be the reason for Schaap’s dismissal, according to various sources.

Under the leadership of Jack Hyles, beginning in 1959 in Hammond, IN, First Baptist Church became the largest attended church in the world.  Before he died, he made sure his successor would be his son-in-law, husband of his daughter Cindy, Jack Schaap.  For that reason among others, it was world-wide news, especially religious, when Schaap got caught at having done the despicable.  Hyles and Schaap took a twisted brand of fake Christianity to new lows with a perversion of the gospel, several other doctrines, preaching, leadership, and church methods.  They were copied all over the United States and other countries because of their numeric success.

The articles are all over the internet  about this sad story.

You can go to and get Kent’s viewpoint on this issue.

HICAGO (Reuters) – The former pastor of an Indiana Baptist megachurch is being investigated for sexual relations with a teenage girl, and the church is cooperating with authorities probing whether any of the behavior was criminal, a church official said on Thursday.

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Jack Schaap, 54 and pastor for 11 years at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, confessed to having sex with a member of the church when she was 16, said Eddie Wilson, director of public relations for the church.

The church, located in the Chicago metropolitan area, has 40,000 members and typically has 15,000 people in church on any given Sunday, Wilson said.

Adultery is grounds for dismissal under the church’s bylaws, and Schaap was fired on Monday following an internal investigation, Wilson said. Schaap and his wife are trying to reconcile their marriage, he said.

The age of consent in Indiana is 16. However, authorities are investigating whether Schaap may have taken the girl across state lines to Illinois — where the consent age is 17 — when she was 16, according to Wilson. The girl is now 17.

The deacon’s board reported the information to Lake County Sheriff John Buncich first thing Tuesday morning, Wilson said. Buncich was not immediately available for comment.

Schaap had been employed by the church and associated Hyles-Anderson College for about 30 years, Wilson said.

Trisha Kee, who said she is a victim advocate for people abused at Independent Fundamental Baptist churches and had attended Hyles-Anderson College, said Schaap’s behavior was discovered accidentally at a youth conference last week.

She said Schaap left his phone on the pulpit. A deacon found it, and a text came through from the girl that revealed the relationship, said Kee, who runs a Facebook group for ex-congregants.

(Reporting by Mary Wisniewski; Editing by Cynthia Johnston)


and to you can listen  The Secret of a IBFI Preacher

Darina Stoyanova (TEDxOjai organizer) introduces TEDx speaker Linda Murphrey, who for the first time publicly reveals the secret life she was forced to live as the daughter of the former leader of an Indiana mega-church turned cult. Linda grew up watching her father convert most of the congregation into complete obedience and loyalty to him. She tells how she left the organization and chose her own path separate from the mind control, idolatry and hypocrisy – choosing freedom. Listen to Linda warmly and courageously share her truth of growing up protecting the secrets and witnessing the blind devotion in one of America’s largest mega-churches.

I take no pleasure at all in reporting this news.  I have attended Hyles and the FBC in 1978-80.  I loved every minute that I was there. While I was 33 years old and had a little sense about ministry, not much but a little.

Most people; who didn’t like Hyles was for all the wrong reasons.  I attended many conferences where Hyles was the main speaker .  I was really caught up in the movement for a while for sure.

I heard all the rumors about Jack Hyles, and for a time did not want to believe all of them.

But over the years there were proven to to true about Jack Hyles and Dave Hyles and any Jack Schaap’s.
The SIN of JACK HYLES was moral sin.  THe SIN of Jack Hyles was that he was dead wrong about salvation, but then so are so many other Baptist preachers as well.

The sin of Jack Hyles was that he did not live what he wrote in his books. Dave Hyles wrote books about Purity of Living, while at the same time he was living in moral sin.

Preachers have not liked Hyles for a long time. But I can tell you more liked him than not liking him.

Thank the Lord in 1982 when I recovered from HYLES teaching.  

Of course most of my Baptist preachers did not like who I liked: JOHN MacArthur.

Many who didn’t like Hyles didn’t like MacArthur either. The didn’t like Hyles for his easy believeism and they didn’t like MacArthur for his position of salvation, and that they said he was not a Baptist.

Today, since 1982 am very comfortable with my position on church ministry and preaching/teaching and on salvation. 

There are so many brands of Baptist, so many viewpoints on all subject of the Bible, and all of us have our opinions.  I am amazed that any of us like each other.

All of us are going to give an account of our belief and our position to the Lord, that in itself gives me concern, you know.  I only pray that I have most of my doctrines right. There are only 100 doctrines  that we have to deal with in the Bible at least.




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