Romans 8:18 The Suffering For The Glory of God, Part 2

Romans 8 18 The Glory of God As Motive in Suffering Pt 2  

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Today in my study on Romans chapter eight

The best way to learn is to learn from somebody who know it already.  Some say that a  preacher should get all his knowledge from his one personal mind and without any help from anyone else.  Those preachers that can, praise the Lord.  I can’t.

Therefore I study from men who know more than I know.  If you were to read the books and sermons that I do then you would be one step up when you listen to me.

There are groups of church people, who believe all that a preacher says should come  at the moment that he is preaching. Again if they can do that praise the Lord.

I have no problem with people who are just naturally biblical smart and do not need to study before they preach.  I have heard a lot of preacher who thought they were smart enough to do that.

When you judge your preachers sermon,  listen to the content of the message, take notes, and then review them when you have time.

If I  were you, I would not worry if the sermon is totally original with the preacher, I would be thankful that what he is preaching is biblical and true and helpful.

This is my older bible that I have used for a number of years.

This is my bible with a copy of my manuscript (in yellow) used in Altoona, Kansas . and then a typed manuscript I used in Rivers of Joy.

Do not get up tight that the preacher uses a manuscript or notes or outlines. Its better that you know that what he is teaching is sound doctrine and from the Word of God.

Whereas some preachers can with grace and great learning write a beautiful sermon, I praise the Lord for that.  Those who start out in ministry need to be good with the skill of writing and language. Take the time to learn how to be a good minister of the Lord. Learn to be faithful in your work.  Be real in and out of the pulpit, if you have one.

Yes this is me back in 1967 at Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington Texas.

As I have always said from the first sermon I preached  back in 1963 to the one I will preach and teach tomorrow May 27 2012 has been by hard work, hard study, lot of printing, and typing, and using a lot of  research and study from other great men.



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