The BIble Is Really The Word of God

The Bible Is Really The Word of God 1

 BIBLE Is the Bible Really the Word of God?

Researched by Charles e   Whisnant

May 20 2012

Of course the Bible is the Word of God, I have not even question that fact all of my life. Goodness, what would make you think otherwise. Right.  But I didn’t know that many in the world today do not believe the Bible is anything but a book like any other book.We Christians just take the Bible to be true and that settles that question.

But in this series I have been trying to prove that the Bible is really the Word of God.

1A    The Proof of Science

There is a great deal of scientific evidence that supports the Bible. Enough that we have a separate page to discuss this proof alone.

The Bible is not a science book, yet it is scientifically accurate. We are not aware of any scientific evidence that contradicts the Bible. We have listed statements on this page that are consistent with known scientific facts. Many of them were listed in the Bible hundreds or even thousands of years before being recorded elsewhere. Many concepts and notes on this page are adapted from ideas and statements that appear in The DEFENDER’S Study Bible.

1B                   Statements Consistent With Paleontology (the branch of science concerned with fossil animals and plants.  Now I am not an paleontologist but that would have been fun to have been. Over the years we have heard a lot about dinosaurs and how big they are and when they lived in history.

So all our lives we have been told that 200 million years ago these animals have lived. Well as I had Sunday, they did live but when?  We looked in Job 40:15 and Job 41:1 and the two chapters give us an ideal about these dinosaurs that lived.

The Bible Is Really The Word of God 1


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