Purpose of Suffering Notes and Video

To what purpose do we suffer?

1) Some suffering is meant to lead us to change our ways in order to remove the source of our suffering and to give us a fuller and happier life as a Christian through better decisions. Galatians 6.8

2) Suffering is allowed by God in our lives to increase our hope in God. Romans 5.1-5

3) Suffering is allowed by God so that we can comfort others who are suffering. 2 Corinthians 1.3-7

4) Suffering is allowed by God to bring others to Christ. Acts 16.25-34

5) Obedience in our suffering brings Glory to God. John 17.4

6) Suffering is allowed by God to build in us the character of Jesus. Romans 5.1-5; 8.28-29

7) Suffering is allowed by God to equip us to share in God’s glory. Romans 8.17-18


Suffering is ultimately the result of sin, from which will not be delivered until our Lord returns.

Every instance of suffering in our lives is not necessarily the direct result of our sin.

God has purposes for our suffering that man not be known to us in this life, but only in eternity

When viewed in the light of eternity our suffering seems bearable

Suffering may draw us near to God, while success and easy may do the opposite

When God uses suffering for his glory and our God He turns the curses into the cure.

No one has ever suffered more, than God’s son, in bringing about the only means of our salvation

This whole message could be on the suffering of Christians down through history




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