Sunday’s Sermons May 20 2012


Our topic of study since the beginning of the year has been “Is the Bible really the Word of God.”  Last week our topic was “Can we know that the New Testament Canon is Reliable.” And after a 64 minute lesson, on of the students said, “Can you give me short points that I could have someone who does not believe the Bible is reliable?”  Can we give evidences that the Bible is reliable and truth in its content?

Researching this week on this subject, which I do a lot.  I must have reviewed a dozen articles on a dozen websites.  There certainly is a lot of articles on this subject.  I did download 14 pages on this topic this week.  I will give the result of my study this Sunday.


By the way we start the worship service with prayer, bible reading and then I present my sermon.  This week I am back in Romans 8 and in verse 18.  In my study this week we look at verse 18 “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”

So how do I take this verse and what are we to do with this information?  That is, the suffering that we are facing in this life that we live as a Christian. I will try to  address this Sunday.  Its true that the Christian will likely face difficult life situations, and this is a part of this life on earth.  And there is a connection between our Christian life that leads to our growth in sanctification and the future of being join heir with Christ in our glorification.

We should not therefore be surprise when God sometimes takes what is perfect and subjects it to a humble status so that a greater good might be accomplished. And we need to have hope. This stage of suffering is merely a transitional period in our lives. I willfuture address this in the message Sunday.


I am going to tackle Luke 1 this week. The question is why did Luke began the story of Jesus with the family of John the Baptist?  I did some research on this subject.  I must have looked at a dozen or more articles.

1 “In the days of Herod, king of Judea”  This was an interesting study.

2 “There was a certain priest named Zacharias” Now that took a few hours of research.

3 “of the division of Abijah.”  Now I took a tour about priesthood in the Jewish religion.

In my study this week I have learned a number of things. Why did Luke began with the birth of John the Baptist? What about the priesthood that Zacharias was a priest?  And how all this ties in with the historical redemptive story that began back in Genesis.

I have 51 pages of  research on this sermon. It that say I have much more that I will be able to use in Sunday’s lesson. Having reviewed a dozen website.  Back in the old days, I would have two dozen books to study from, which I still do, but its faster and easier to find them on the web.

Now my prayer is that the Lord will give me wisdom as I present these lessons Sunday.

Charles e whisnant

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